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Evap or BFP? please look at pics and give opinions

Need encouragement

I spot so much during my cycles I don't know whats going on. This is my first month on clomid and as far as I can tell it has not worked. Today is CD 26  not sure because of all the spotting I took clomid CD5-9 (5-11,5-15) no big change in temp and second month using clear blue fertilitmonitor no peak yet and opk - in the evenings. Would clomid work if I took it too soon. Second month on metformin also. Help!!

Needs advice Lady's

First clomid cycle cd5-9 started on 5-11. Using cbfm, BBT, & metformin. Need knowledge!

Help please

Got a red dash crosshairs on ff bbt chart what does that mean? There was no peak on my cbfm? First month using it. So did I ovulate? Help

Previous Cycle

CD 55 had blood drawn 10:25am bc af was a no show. I always temp between 8:30-9am each morning temp was 97.21 and progesterone was 0.2 low. Any thoughts on how my temp could be that high with basically no progesterone flowing?

FF how to

How can I post bbt chart from FF to here? Need some input on data.


Ttc since 2-15-14 irregular periods. Cyst on left ovary no pcos dx yet. Had regular 30 cycles up until 3 years ago periods just went crazy. On metformin for 23 days sporting on and off & it gets really frustrating. If this post in the wrong spot sorry!