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The longest wait

While all I feel like I have done since starting this journey is wait the last 14 months have been the longest. I have been away from this site for a while just focusing on living my life while waiting for our government funded ivf cycle. We were put on the wait list June 28 2016 and in May of this year we got the call that we were at the top of the list. During that call they told me I had to lose weight to qualify and I worked my butt (literally) off and lost 20 pounds so during my cycle in July we updated all my tests so we could get started.

While originally I was told I had low ovarian reserve these tests showed I fell in the mid range which was exciting to hear. With the results my Dr has put me on the patch protocol. They don't want to over suppress me so estrogen patches are used just to stop and early follicle growth and I will start those 5-7 days before my day 1. I will be on Gonal F, Luveris from day 1 and from day 5 of stims they will add Cetrotide. I will be on the highest dose of stims right from the start due to my showing a lower reserve in the past. 

My husband goes on Sept 7 for his TESA as he has a blockage from a failed vecetomy reversal. Preying all goes well there they can extract with needle and no need to make any incisions.

I am excited and nervous and just need to work on keeping my stress low. What did you ladies do to keep your stress down during ivf. I found and app called mindful ivf which walks you through meditations and will also be doing fertility massage. Wish me luck! And good luck to all you ladies!

anyone know superman

i am feeling like some good xray vision could  come in handy right now. I am 7dpiui and going a little crazy. Wish I had a magic 8 ball or as the title said superman! Here is to week two. Good luck ladies


red raspberry leaf tea i love you

ladies today is cycle day 10 and I went in for my scan after taking clomid day 3-7. Last cycle my lining was a little on the thin side so this cycle I started drinking red raspberry left tea and today my lining was up to 7.5! I was so excited! I also have 2 follies right around 18mm on the right side and one smaller one on the left side. So excited with my numbers and cannot wait to get my iui so I can find out if this will be my sticky cycle! Good luck and baby first everyone

looking for opinions

As you may have read I recently went through my 5th iui which ended with an early mc at 5w4d. We have been given the all clear to start trying again right away and are going to have our 6th iui next cycle. With my very first iui I decided not to tell anyone except my mum (who was on vacation at the time) and found it very hard without support. Since then we have been very open with my family and the support has been great. After getting our bfp we told those that know we are trying cause with there being a few cycle they know the time line. With having to tell about bfp means we have to tell about mc which was so hard.

Now moving onto attempt number 6 I am torn if I should share where we are at. I know my family would support either decision I make but I just don't know what is right for this attempt. Maybe I am just looking for things to over think.

Do you ladies share or keep it with just you and dh? What made you make the choice you did? 



Need a liitle hell

Hubby and I cannot pg on our own so while I notice ewcm I don't pay to much attention. On Sept 2 started spotting the next day full on bleed with a confirmed early miscarriage. Cycle is normally  24-27 days so O would usually happen early this week. On Monday I started with pains In my ovaries. I read ov can be more painful/noticable after mc. Monday I also started with ewcm so I figured I was going to o right on time and my cycle would go straight back to normal. It is now Thursday and I am still having pain and ewcn. For you ladies that track this can you tell me please how long your ewcm normally lasts. And you ladies that have had a mc can you tell me if you noticed differences with signs of o in your cycles following. We want to do another iui next cycle so I am just wondering if I can pin point o cause then I can guess when my next cycle will start. Thanks in advance for the info and baby dust to all!    

Focusing on the positive and moving forward

So today i had my follow up with my RE after my miscarriage just about 2 weeks ago. We looked over my ultrasound results and found my lining was a little on the thin side. 7 is ideal and I was at 6.3. We decided we will stick with the 100mg clomid monitoring and trigger since it got me a bfp last cycle but I told her to note in my file that if I show a lining that is not ideal to cancel my cycle. There is no way of knowing if that was the cause of my mc but I would rather be safe than go through that again. I actually think I am ov right now as I have had pains on my left side and ewcm so I am hoping that means in about 2weeks my new cycle will start and we can try again. I am devastated that my first bfp  ended the way it did but I am taking the fact that I got pg as a good sign that this will work and moving forward with my angel baby watching over me. Good luck ladies here to bfp's all around this cycle. I wish I could hand them out like Halloween candy.

Queation for those who have had early mc

at 5w4d I am sad to say that it was confirmed that I had an early miscarriage. It was heart breaking after trying for so long and this being my 5th iui. DH and I have decided that we want to try again right away and yesterday the clinic confirmed my beta is back to 0. I stopped bleeding 2days ago with just light spotting yesterday. How long after you mc did your next cycle start. My cycles are usually around 25 days and just wondering if this will be normal with it being so early or if af will be delayed. Good luck all! 

Broken hearted

I don't often write on here anymore as hubby and I took a 6 month break before our last try but am in need of some support. Last week after our 5th iui we got our BFP and we were so excited. We told close family and friends and they were so happy after the long road we had been on. Yesterday I started spotting and went into the clinic to redo my beta and at 5w4d they had dropped to 22. They confirmed I am having a miscarriage. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel right now. I have to go back in on Tuesday for another  beta check to make sure I am back to 0 and then they said we can try again right away. I am not even at that point and already scared but also hopeful.    

here is hoping that our next bfp is our bring home baby.

Clomid vs femera questions

Last cycle was my first medicated iui cycle and I was given Clomid with trigger. We are not trying this cycle or next with the holidays this cycle the clinic is closed during my vital days so we decided to take a breather regroup and I think we will try again in Feb. Yesterday my clinic called and told me that there is a shortage of Clomid in my area so they have to change my meds to femera. With ferema there is a consent form I have to sign before I can take it which I did not have with Clomis. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have taken both and if you noticed any difference or had mor success with one over the other?

Merry Christmas to all of you and here's hoping 2015 is the year that makes all our dream come true!

and the results are in

Well clinic just called and confirmed it is a bfn. DH and I have decided we will work on getting healthier in the new year and we will look to try again in march or April. I was prepared for this result with all the weird bleeding but when I told DH he was like have them check again. It kills me everytime I have to break the news to him. I could not ask for a better partner to have for this journey and I cannot wait for the day where I get to tell him the good news.

Good luck to all!