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Ladies PLEASE help!

If any of you read my blog yesterday you know I was in a bad place. Lets start from the beginning of this cycle. First round of Clomid days 3-7. Trigger on Nov 30 and IUI on Dec 2. This Saturday I had two trips to the washroom with dark blood when I wipe. Sunday I wake up had slept with a pad nothing on the pad but when I wiped here was more darker blood. And not just a little I did a couple of wipes and thought that was it. I cried my eyes out in dh arms write my blog and dragged myself out of bed. I avoided the washroom at all costs cause I hate the reminder. Went to my mums house had a little melt down with the family helped my mum with some stuff then had no choice but to use the washroom. Nothing on the pad nothing when I wipe. Had another melt down (our bodies play mean tricks). Last night at bed time wiped and there was nothing on my pad a little when I wipe. This morning nothing. Which my first morning with af is normally LOTS. Any thoughts would be great. This last 48 hrs has been an emotional rollercoaster and I would like off now.

heartbroken and scared out of my mind

So looks like af is arriving and putting and end to all the optimism that filled this cycle. My 4th iui and first round of Clomid and I was so sure this would be it for us. Financially 6 is the max that we can afford so we are left with just 2 more tries. Two tries that's it. After that if I am still not pg then I have to deal with the fact that I will never be called mummy. How do you get over that when all you have ever wanted since you were a little girl is to be a mummy. I am heart broken and I get to break dh's heart. I HATE TTC! Why does it have to be so hard for people who would be good mummies and want it so bad but people that don't even want kids and hurt them get the honour of having that tital. I will never understand. Good luck to you ladies I hope you get your bfp soon and your day is better than mine.

clomid and trigger question

Hello ladies, it has been a while since I have written on here as we took a couple cycles off from our IUI's. I took a break from everything baby making (well we bd but its always just for fun for us as we cannot get pg on our own). I have been read your posts over the last little while and congrats to those who got their bfp and I feel ya to those still trying. Anyway this cycle we added clomid 100mg monitoring and a trigger. For the ladies that have used these before what symptoms did you find you had the first 5ish days after o/iui? Thanks in advance for your feed back 4dpiui blood work scheduled for the 19. Hoping for the best Christmas gift EVER!

looks like third time lost its charm

Well af showed up last night. I will still do my blood work on monday just so i have piece of mind. That was my 3rd iui unmedicated so now I am moving on to clomid. Before that we are going to get a sa for dh just incase any unblocks have happened on their own and if not we will have order more sperm. That will take us up over 11k in our attempts for a baby and that will be then end of this journey for me. We will order 3 vials, as that is what the clinic likes to have on hand and that will be my last 3 tries. I am bouncing between devastated and numb right now. We will 2 cycles with no attempts as we are having the sa and then I am going away for a friends bday which falls on important days during the second cycle. Grrrrr

sorry this post was all over the place but that is how my head is right now. Hope you ladies have better luck

11dpiui and i am slipping

I have been so proud of myself this cycle with not symptom spotting and being relaxed and positive. Now I am in the final days of the wait and I am starting to get really antsy...i just want to know. I had 3 goals this month, no symptom spotting, keep my feet warm and no testing early which means I have to wait til Thursday to test. Send me some strength ladies to carry me through these last few days please.

Good luck to all you ladies

such a weird feeling

I am officially half way through the tww and I am feeling eerily calm. My plan this month was no symptom spotting and no early testing oh and keeping my feel warm (for some reason this has stuck out from a few posts and my acupuncturist suggested it also). Well I won't lie there are things I just cannot help noticing like pains now and then in my bb and weird feelings in my lower abs but I am not stressing about it. It may be sign of a pending bfp or maybe af will arrive, it is out of my hands so all I can do is live my life for the next week and wait for the outcome. I hope I can carry this feeling with me over the next week and not start to lose it over as af date gets closer.

I hope your wait is going quickly which ever side of O you are on. Good luck ladies

quick question for you ladies

Hey, today I am 5dpiui and when I went to the washroom today twice there has been ewcm. One time a fare amount the other just a little. I had ovulation tracked through blood work so pretty sure it is correct but just a little confused why I would see this today. Any insight?

it's out of my hands now

Today I did my last acupuncture session for this cycle and that is the last real thing I can do other than try to stay stress free. The session today is to help with implantation and to relax. I must say it was fantastic. Adding acupuncture to my plan was the best choice I could have mad. I cannot testify (yet) that it helped me get a bfp but I can say it helped so much with destressing and having a little me time to unwind. If this is not my cycle I will be including acupuncture in my plan for my next attempt.

Also my step son was released from hospital today which is a big help to removing stress. He is now on the mend at home and will be returning to school in a couple days. They will determine next month if he will need surgery but for now he can start to get back to his normal self.

Hope the wait is going well for those of you waiting and for those getting ready to O may your bding be babyful. 4 days down for me 10 to go!

passing time, adding stress

Well this is one way to pass the time...Wednesday evening my step son was sick to his stomach with dinner making a comeback and lots of pain. He had ate and went straight outside to play so we thought the bouncing around had shock things up. He went to bed and slept through and seemed ok when we left for work. We were gone maybe 10 min when he called and said he is throwing up again. DH sent him to grandmas house. Thursday as me and DH are heading for our iui appointment DSS was heading to the hospital as his pain was getting a lot worse. He was there for a couple of hours with his mom then they sent him home and said they would call the next day with an ultrasound appointment for him. DH ended up calling back yesterday half an hour after they were supposed to call us and on the return trip to the hospital we find out he has a perforated appendix. Now he will be in hospital for about a week to get the infection under control then he will need surgery. Daily trips to hospital will help the time go faster but I really would rather the long dragged out wait.

let the wait begin.

IUI done and now we wait. We had a count of 40mil with 63% motility. Dr said with my blood work everything looked amazing and as a Dr he would not change a thing. In his word now we cross our fingers for a pregnancy. So here I am with fingers crossed hoping this is it.