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Tomorrow is the big day

So went for my blood work today and the clinic called to say that I am having my surge. Tomorrow I go in for iui #3. I am excited and nervous and just trying to be calm and relaxed. I have booked my acupuncture to help with implantation and just hoping and preying that third time is the charm. If all you wonderful ladies want to send your good vibes my way I would very much appreciate it.

come on June baby!

Hope you are all doing well and those in the wait hope it files by!

almost time

Tomorrow I start blood tests for O. If you ladies could send good vibes and preys my way that this month will be it. My iui will be some time this week and I am hoping it will be the last one till we try for baby #2. I know 3 iui is not a lot compared to some but I am so hoping that we do not have to move on to next cycle cause they will add clomid which I would like to avoid.

Hoping to read lots of bfp stories this month and I will be hopefully be sharing mine. Come on June babies!


hopefully relaxed

I had my first stimulated acupuncture for this cycle today. It was so relaxing. It gives you time to just be one with your thoughts and reflect on your journey and focus on what's important. My goal this cycle is to be as relaxed as possible and I really think this will help. I go back on Friday and Tuesday then by thursday-ish next week it should be time for iui. Hope you are all finding peace this cycle.

Hoping 3rd times a charm

So today I called the fertility clinic to report cycle day 1. Next Sunday I start daily blood work for O and tomorrow I will book my appointments for stimulation acupuncture. This will be my 3rd iui and I want so badly for this to be it cause next cycle they are adding clomid which I am not excited about. Here is hoping this is my BFP cycle...June baby sounds great to me!

almost there

6 days to go then af should arrive and I can get back to trying. I thought the wait would be so much easier cause I already know the outcome but no. I guess my excitement for my next iui attempt is making it feel just as long. Well today I had my second acupuncture treatment to work on relaxation then next week when af arrives we will work on stimulation to up my chances of my bfp. Here's hoping that next cycle works cause if not we will be adding Clomid and I really am hoping to avoid that.

Good luck to all you waiting!

a song to describe this journey

So I was watching tv with DH and the Rascal Flats song God Bless This Broke Road came on. I was listening to it and just started crying. DH asked what was wrong and I said I feel like I could sign this song to our baby if we ever get one and it would tell him or her what this process was like. I feel like this song is the sound track to this journey. Every broken heart he sings about is like every bfn or every "symptom" I thought meant I just had to be pg. It's so hard but it will all be worth it in the end if I get to hold my baby in my arms.

horrible feeling!

This tww I am actually not waiting for a bfp cause we took this cycle off to figure some stuff out. I am now waiting for my next cd1 so I can get started with my next iui. The problem is for the last few days I cannot shake this feeling that our turn is never coming. I feel broken hearted and each day I have felt like I am just going through the motions. How do I get out of this funk? This sucks!

Planning for a bfp!

Monday was a day all about figuring out how to bet me knock up! First I went for my first acupuncture session...i was so nervous cause I do not like needles but it was actually not scary once she started and I am excited to add this into my next cycle.

After this appointment I went to meet with my feritility Dr. She said all the pain I had last month is cause my body produced a very large follicle (naturally no med help) and with this the disintergration process takes longer. But other than that all is good with my lady parts. So next cycle we are going one more unmedicated and then with my 4th ( hopefully not needed cause I will get my bfp next cycle) we will add clomid. I am actually not looking forward to that so just another reason I REALLY want my bfp next cycle.

Then for myself I am working on destressing and trying to eat better. Here is hoping my bfp cycle starts in 2 weeks. First time in a while I am looking forward to af so I can get started again

preparing for next cycle!

Tomorrow is a day all about making sure I am going to have the best possible chance of making a baby next cycle. First I am going to my first appointment with the fertility acupuncturist followed by an appointment with my fertility dr. I have made my list of questions for the Dr to help me get a better idea of what was causing all the pain at the end of my last tww. Also to figure out what will happen after my next iui as that will be the 3rd unmedicated attempt and I need to know the next steps. Hopefully that will be the last step but just incase I like knowing where this journey is taking me.

good luck to all you ladies trying this month!

pitty party is over...time to move on

So today was crap! I cried, I got angry, I thought about giving up and now I have to move on. This cycle we have decided not to iui and I am going to work on preparing my body for the next attempt.

I booked an appointment with a fertility acupuncture clinic and I am going to work on relaxation and meditation. I want to make my body a place where a baby wants to grow.

My goal for tomorrow is to try get an appointment with my fertility Dr. I know that I am out this month but I need to know if what was causing all the pain in my back and while having the internal ultrasound is something I should be concerned about. The Dr that reviewed my ultrasound said that a ruptured follicle was showing on the side I ovulated from but if you don't have implantation then that is supposed to go away after about 9 dpo but it was showing at 15 days. I have read they can turn in cysts and that worries me.

I am doing all I can to make my body the best possible home for any little sticky bean that wants to hang out with me. Sorry for the long post but I needed to put that in writing