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Out before I start *HELP!*

So I am on cd 4 and am supposed to start my blood tests of O on tuesday so that I can go for my second IUI attempt but...I think I may be getting a yeast infection (sorry tmi from someone you don't even know). I am waiting for the clinic to call back but I was wondering if you ladies know if there is something I can take that will help with the infection but still let me go through with the attempt? This is sooooo frustrating!

down in the dumps

So it's official today is my new day 1. Reported it to the fertility clinic so on the 30 we start blood work for O. I hate needles but I figure this will be the most accurate way. Then we do IUI number 2. Hoping wishing and preying it this works this time but we are all in that boat. Just feeling so down today after af arrived and everytime I go to the bathroom I feel like she is laughing at me.

IUI attmpt #1 FAIL

Looks like I am out this month. Got up this morning and went to the bathroom and when I wiped there she was...1 day early. I would prefer 1 day early than late though cause that would just get my hopes up. Looks like I will be calling the clinic today to report my new cd1 (I have to wait till she gets to full flow before I can call) and then we will go for attempt #2. I had a little meld down and it was so hard to tell DH cause I felt like I had to break his heart but he is amazingly supportive and just said "well babe we new first time was a long shot so not we just get postive for the next try".

Can anyone with bfp's from IUI let me know anything you did that you think helped. I am going to go in for the blood work to determine ovulation instead of using opks (these tries are completely unmedicated so I dont get the u/s). I have started eating healthy and DH and I are going to go for walks every evening an I have been taking prenatal vits with folic acid. Any tips would be great!

Give me courage or give me strength

Really all these symptoms are driving me bonkers! I am right now 12dpiui and over the last week or so I have had sore bbs (ranging from mild pain to killing me) I have had pretty good bouts of nausea to the point I thought I was going to be sick in the shower yesterday. All day yesterday I had a headache (nothing helped it) last week joint pains in my knees and my shoulders. I normally suffer from IBS but I have had constipation since a few days after the IUI. And dont even get me started on emotional. I tested at 10dpiui and bfn now I am scared to test again but Thursday seems so far away when af is due. How do you guys pass the time?

What is going on with me!

So I am off today and decided to just have a relaxing day of doing nothing. I turn of the tv and Ellen is on and Lady Gaga is her guest...i am sitting here crying as she explains that her crazy clothes help her channel her pain. Really! I need to get a grip...or a dfp lol

10DPIUI and a BFN

So I could not wait anymore I was driving myself and hubby nuts and I caved and tested this morning. I know that I am not out yet cause it is still early but I think I needed this to prepare me if it actually does turn out to not be our month. I think I was symptom spotting my way to a melt down. I feel like this has grounded me and now although I will be disappointed if I get AF I feel I am more prepared now. Fingers crossed it was just to early.

When to test?!?

Ok ladies, July 10th I went for my IUI since I have had really sleepy days (on and off not everyday), 6DPIUI I have very bad shotting type cramps on my left side and dull ones on my right, I have has spells of feeling a little nausea, 2 days ago I have really bad pains in my knee. Then yesterday I have pains in my shoulders, my BBs were horrible (they ahve been a little sore for the last few days but yesterday was bad) and while I was sitting at work I got a blood taste in my mouth (this just lasted about 5 min then went away).

When should I test? I am now 9DPIUI

some advice on when is best and when you ladies have seen BFP's would be great

Because you ladies get it

It is my first time posting but I have read so many stories on here that have been so encouraging and helpful so let me start by saying thanks ladies for sharing!

My story starts with me meeting the man of my dreams who had a 12 year old son and a vasectomy after that relationship did not work out. From day one he knew that being a mother was the most important thing in my life and he was very open to having a reversal and more children as long as he knew it was a forever relationship. Away, turns out I was a keeper and we have since gotten married and last year (2013) in Feb he went through with the reversal. Here lies the problem...all his counts since then have come back 0. Every month for the last year and a half I have hoped they were wrong and AF would not arrive but that was never the case...always my unwanted guest would arrive RIGHT on time! We had some very tough decisions to make in our first year of marriage but we decided that we would ttc using a donor.

This bring me to today...I am 7DPIUI of our first try and even though I promised myself I would not stress over every little gas bubble or sore nipple we all know that is impossible. So I am 1 week down in my tww and driving myself a little nuts.

Since IUI I had a few light cramps the day of (this they tell me in normal cause the put a tube into my cervix) then for a few days nothing. I kept telling myself it was to early but at 6DPIUI I had some very sharp cramps on my left side and some little ones on my right. Today my bbs are sore. I am a bigger lady in that area and it even hurts a little when I walk cause they are gigglin' around and all I have wanted to do for the last 3 days is sleep.

Just sharing with you ladies cause you get my crazy!