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Is this real? Our beloved Spazzle is pregnant?!?!?! Oh my gosh please keep us updated! Like the whole friggin time until Baby Spazzle is here! I feel so excited and nervous all at the same for you! Congratulations to you!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 P.S. Still not able to comment. I'll eventually try to make a new account name. :p

Can an admin help me?

Hi! It seems that I cannot post comments. The captcha tool spins for infinity and never gives me any questions. There is no captcha to post a blog so I'm able to post here. Do I need to create a whole new profile? Anyway Spazzle, I saw your response before my post got deleted. I'm thinking of you today and wondering how things are going. <3

Spam Central

I know the people who run this site are trying their best, but wowzers with the spam! This site used to be such a great support system and now I see posts that get no responses. It's really sad! :(

One of the spam posts had 2 comments in which the spammer commented saying they were a different user but they were still logged in under the account that made the original post. Then it looks like they logged out and used another login to do the second response. 

It was then I realized that these are actually people doing this, not robots/computer systems. So I have something to say.

Shame on you! This is a support group. Go troll on another site. You don't belong here!

1st Ultrasound

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to provide a final update. 11/10/15 was my FET after a failed fresh cycle. We decided to transfer 2 blasts and it was confirmed today, twins! At 6w4d Twin A's heartbeat is 126 and Twin B is 124.

For all of the ladies about to do IVF, don't be scared. It's all worth it!!

BFP with Beta at 323

Today is 9dp5dt aka 14 dpo and I am pregnant!!

It hasn't really set in. I never thought I'd be here. I knew I was pregnant with the hpts but it still seems like a dream that isn't real.

My next Beta is Monday. I'll post the next results in a comment on this post so I'm not hogging up the news feed. I really hope this a sticky baby or babies.


So today is 13dp5dt aka 18 dpo aka 4 weeks 4 days pregnant. My hcg is 1220 so the doubling time is good. My progesterone level is 8.3 which I have been really worried about but the nurse wain't worried at all and said  that since I'm on Crinone (progesterone suppository) twice a day that I'm fine. I don't know though... I just want everything to go well.


My 3rd beta came back - 24,442 at 5 weeks 4 days. I still don't believe it. Barely any symptoms other than boob's hurt some days real bad, tiredness, and mild and brief nausea.

Ultrasound is 12/7!


Wait - what???

I couldn't help myself. Tested at 7:45 pm which is the bottom one. I really hope this is real.

***Just to clarify this is 5dp5dt so that equals 10 dpo.***



I'm only telling you ladies about this. I feel like only you will understand this squinter. I'm also scared that it will go away...

Within a few minutes this tiny and very faded line showed up. I had very concentrated urine. I limited liquids last night big time and held off peeing until the last minute.

I'm 5dp5dt aka 10 dpo. I am going to try to hold off until Tuesday before testing again.

I told DH last night that I had been cramping all day and I was concerned our FET didn't work. Now I'm thinking I may still have a chance...

Taking it easy - Or at least trying

Yesterday was my FET. We transferred 2 snow babies. They were Grade 3AB which they described as expanded bastocysts. 

When we got the picture they embryos looked weird like they were wearing hats. They explained that the embryos had just started to hatch. That sounds good right?!?!

This cycle has been super low key. No acupuncture and no pineapple core. I feel like its's either going to take or it isn't. 

Today is 1dpfet which I'm not sure where that puts me. I guess with a fresh it would be 1dp5dt or 6 dpo. I'm trying to hold out on testing until Sunday or Monday as that would be comparable to 5dp5dt or 10 dpo on Sunday.

I feel hopeful but super cautious at the same time. I'm just trying to take it day by day and remind myself that every day I don't test is a victory in patience.

Murphey's AF Law.

Without fail if you don't want AF you get it early. If you want AF it takes forever to get here.

I'm due for AF either today or tomorrow and I can feel it coming but it's not here yet. Keep going to the bathroom to check.

The sooner AF comes the sooner this FET gets started!

Updates for Pup

Hi everyone!

I have been waiting forever for things to progress.

First update is my DH and I were in a shared living situation that was very stressful. We contacted a lawyer and got some financing and by the end of next week our house will officially be just our house. There's still some stress while the buyout goes through but the future looks great!!

I should start AF on Tuesday and start Estradiol 2 mg 3X/day with FET on CD20 and I asked for 2 embryos to be transferred this time. The authorization came in Thursday so talk about last minute crunch! Fortunately my nurse ordered my meds on Tuesday so they came in on Friday.

I just cannot wait for AF to start so I can get to transfer day!!