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Might start Clomid next cycle...advice?

Hubby and I have been TTC for about 7 months now. Doc ran a bunch of tests on me a few months back due to irregular bleeding. Results came back that I have a low progesterone level at the end of my cycle. Doctor said she suggests going on a progesterone supplement at the end of my cycle. She said that I have to take it right after I O and so they can know right when I O she wants to put me on Clomid. Hubby is not really for it.. but seems to be coming around. We tried a couple more months as the doctor suggested naturally and have both decided we are ready to start it. I was a twin (mom miscarried) and would LOVE to have twins so I am all for Clomid. I would like to know what some side effects women have had on both progesterone and clomid and words of advice anyone has. So thankful for this board as I think my friends are tired of hearing about all the cycle details every month! I need someone to vent to it sometimes. Even if its complete strangers! .

Implantation Spotting? Getting my hopes up....HELP!!

I need an opinion too ladies.. So I got a positive OPK on 12/4 and lots of CM on 12/6 & 12/7 so I think thats when I O'd. I threw up on 12/8 in the morning after drinking( I have only thrown up maybe 5 times in my life), but just threw up the water and sprite I drank that morning. Had on and off cramps since then and extermely fatigued... like sleeping 10 hours a night. On Sunday 12/15 (9 or 10 DPO) boobs started hurting like they do when AF is coming but she's not due until Saturday 12/21. On wednesday 12/18 (12 or 13 DPO) I started light light spotting.. by light spotting I mean light pink mixed with CM. Have had that on and off since Wednesday. Let me tell you, my mood did a complete 360 on Wednesday.. I snapped on someone for popping their knuckles too much......I usually spot before AF but its usually bright red and always when I wipe.. this is just sometimes and very light pink and I have had bad cramps every since. My mother spotted through both her pregnancies. So IF that was implantation spotting when would I get a BPF? I tested this morning just to check and it was negative...

I really thought this was it....

I haven't posted on here in a while... thought I was jinxing myself every month blogging about my symptoms so I tried to stay away. I really thought this was going to be our month. We used the advanced Clear Blue digital OPK's, the ones with the flashy smiles. I got three days of flashy smiles and then a solid one on 12/4. We BD'd 12/1, 12/2, 12/4, and 12/5 then I was out of town so we thats all we could do. On 12/7 I went out with my best friend for her birthday, only drank beer and really wasn't drunk... woke up 12/8 (3dpo?) throwing up anything I drank. It wasn't like I was throwing up what I had drank from the night before, I was throwing up the water and sprite I had drank that morning. My best friend said "maybe you're pregnant" I told her it was way too early to have those symptoms. 12/7, 12/8, and 12/9 (3dpo-5dpo) I had gushes of CM.. it was really weird, thought I was peeing my pants. I have had some variation of cramps every day since 12/1 (before positive OPK) and on 8DPO I had what I can only explain as burning/cold cramps. I've had sharp pains in my BB's since 1DPO, but I always have that. Doc said its from caffeine as I have really large bb's to begin with. On 10DPO my bb's started being really tender and sensitive to gravity which is my sign that AF is on its way. They usually hurt like this 1-2 days before AF, but that witch isn't due until Saturday...This morning bb's weren't sore but had AF like cramps and bloating.... This is so hard ladies... I had a bad mental break down about it last month.. and I don't want to have another one right before christmas. We have graduation parties and christmas's to go to all weekend so I guess if AF does show her evil face then I'll be too busy to cry about it. Thoughts, prayers, or words of encouragement would be great... Trying to remember its all in God's hands and I pray to him every night that I trust him...

I think I can, I think I can....

so this is my fertile week... I decided this month not to use OPK's. This is my only week in town and it just so happens that its supposed to be my fertile week so we are just going to BD like crazy! My app says that my O days should be Friday but I've been having slight cramps on my left side since monday and they only come in the evening. Last night when we BD'd nothing came out after, really weird...something usually comes back out... I even asked my DH if he actually went. Then today my CM is completely dry... what is going on! I stated taking Geritol Complete at CD1 because its supposed to help with your CM which I feel like mine is really low usually, but this month it has been completly different, besides today. We tried a different position last night, maybe that is why nothing came back out like normal. Anyone have this before? We have pretty busy lives these next few weeks with work and social activities, hopefully that will keep our mind off of this TWW and it will fly by! Just needed to vent, thanks for listening!

woo hoo AF finally showed!

AF is 7 days late.. but she's really right on time! I'm traveling for the next 5 weeks, with only one week home in the middle, and that just happens to be my fertile week!! I think some prayers are working in my favor this month! Started taking Geritol Complete yesterday and noticed a difference in my CM last night! Really praying that was the problem and we can conceive our angel this month! Fingers crossed!!

tricks to get AF to show! - I bet no one has ever asked this on this website!

ok so I am 6 days late for AF.... not preggers because I've taken a test every day and I O'd 20 days ago so POAS would be positive by now. My problem is I am traveling for the next 5 weeks, with one week home in the middle...if AF starts now my fertile week will be the one week I'm home so I want to get her started!!! I've tried excercising and drinking cranberry juice.... I'm finally getting my PMS symptoms so I know she's coming but I need her to come today or tomorrow!! Help ladies!!



I've decided I'm trying Geritol next cycle... When AF finally shows (5 days late but 4 bfn). I've heard lots of positive feed back from it and I've heard it helps with cm whch I barely have any of... Anyone heard success stories? It doesn't really have negative symptoms so I think why not!?

Digital or FRER?

Ladies, I am now 2 days late for AF... finally took a digital test last night because I just couldn't take it anymore....BFN... so my question is... should I take a FRER (pink lines) or a digital? I've heard people say that digitals usually show after a FRER would show a positive... thinking that since I'm 2 days late a digital would have worked anyways.... Come on AF, show your face or show me a positive!

Fade in Jeapordy music*

So AF was due yesterday... she still hasn't showed up... I tested on monday and got a BFN so I told myself that I wasn't going to test again and I would just wait for her to show.... now that she hasn't showed I'm too nervous to take a test! I don't want to see another "Not Pregnant"... I finally told my husband this morning that I hadn't started yet and he told me to go home and take a test now! but I'm at work and can't do that.... If I don't start today I will take a test but I feel like AF is right around the corner.... just feeling like I'm getting ready to start... I can't focus at work today so I thought I would blog instead... my Best friend just found out she is pregnant and she said she felt like she was getting ready to start too......


Do do do dodo do do do (Jeapordy music)

Dr. is suggesting Clomid and Progesterone

The doctor did three rounds of blood work this month... One while on my last period to get a base line of my progesterone levels, one when I ovulated, and one a week after ovulation to make sure my progesterone was high so we could conceieve. This month the ovulation test was about 4 days before my usual ovulation... . So my first two rounds of blood work were perfect. My baseline progresterone was right in the middle of average and my ovulation hormones were really high so it was good! so when I went on Friday they did the last test and it was low when it should have been high... so I have what is called a luteal phase defeciency..... my body does not produce enough Progesterone at the end of my cycle for the egg to make a baby. But it also could have been that we took the test too late... but my mom had the same problems so I think its just the luteal phase thing. so she suggested either 1. taking a progesterone supplement at the end of my cycle or 2. taking clomid and progesterone. I would like to get some imput from you ladies who are taking clomid and progesterone. Also, could it just be that we tested too late this last time? Since I ovulated earlier than expected, did I test too late? Should I have tested 7 days after I ovulated? DH wants to go a couple more months naturally and see what happens. Also, if my progesterone was low ( I don't remeber what it was when the DR called) does that mean I'm out for this month if AF hasn't showed up yet? She's supposed to show on Wednesday