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Miscarriage-->> +Test

It's been 4 weeks and 2 days since the bleeding for my miscarriage began. Baby stopped growing at 2/4weeks or so, from September. Miscarriage began on Dec 19. Lost all tissue & huge probably 3 lb of bloody glob tissue on top of all the smaller clots. Was horrible & painful. 

Now I don't know if this is a new positive or old because hcg hasn't gotten out. Seems crazy if it's taking this long for hcg to return to normal. 


Just curious. I'll test again and see my Dr soon I guess for both issues. Bleeding & if I get another positive any darker. 


Sept-Dec preg/Miscarriage

Supposedly pregnancy began in September when last period from 23-26. No heart beat etc miscarriage finally began December 19.... Went thru whole process pain of labour all that... Then figured I was having "Period"... Didn't bleed for a few days maybe, and have bled a little bit of light pinkish orange creamish coloured every day/night a little bit since..

Wondering what is up.

Could be blood from sex, when vessels are damaaged or pressured or whatever I read. Can't be simple implantation because it hasn't stopped happening.

Even had one time of my typical "old"blood looking bleeding that's real dark dirty looking but light and only once or twice... But everyday at least I bleed some light pinksih orange colour blood a little bit.