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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

Feeling rather pregnant today. Think I've lost my marbles.

Ok, so I went from being CONVINCED I was out just the other day... to being CONVINCED I am pregnant today. Why, you may ask?


Well, for no good reason of course! Got a 2nd BFN this morning and of course squinted until I saw a line. Got a 2nd opinion which was "There's no line, at all. You're crazy." Here is my symptom spotting for the day: slightest touch of nausea (which I also get before AF), now "dry" down there after some light yellowy creamy stuff - which had a few super small "globs" of globby/stretchy BROWN-tinged CM. Apart from that, not a whole not going on physically that would point to being knocked up. And just a general "feeling", like emotionally. I had this with DD BUT I was also not TTC back then, and this time my mind may just be "feeling" what it wants to feel!


What's worse? I not only feel pregnant, I feel like it's a *boy*! Or two. Lol! Where does my mind come up with this stuff!


I am going to feel SUPER silly if AF shows now. Testing again tomorrow with FMU and that should be torture as timewise it will probably be a BFN whether or not I am pregnant. At the most I would be 10DPO tomorrow but that's if and only if I O'd when I got the first patch of EWCM. I am thinking that after this wave of hopefulness and obsessiveness, when we do pick back up at TTC come December, I will know whether or not I can trust spotting & "feeling pregnant" as true symptoms, at the very least.


I know I'm here blogging way to friggin' much but I am a SAHM who is OBSESSED!

Ready to have a Baby!!!!!!

Having one of those days!!!!!! SORRY IT'S SO LONG

Is there anyone out there besides me who just have days where all you think about is having a baby? You search the internet just to look at all the cute & adorable baby stuff. You've kept it a secret because you just know people who haven't been through it wouldn't understand and all they will say it "It will happen when you least expect it /when the time is right it will happen." Well of course we know that, and we know God makes no mistakes, but we still can't help to hope & wish it's our time very soon. Especially when you look around and all you see are pregnant women when you go to the store or all these teenagers getting pregnant so simple when they can't even afford to take care of a baby. I'm saying that in a rude way or trying to be mean, just saying we ladies are wishing that we could just get pregnant with a snap of a finger also. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for those pregnant women, because a baby is such a precious gift from God; I'm just ready for our precious gift.




Here is my story:




I've never missed a period ever since I first got AF. After 2 months of not having AF went to primary doctor and she referred me to a fertility clinic. Something was just telling me to go, and I'm glad I went sooner than later. April 2013 I was diagnosed with PCOS. That right there took a toll on me and I was very devastated, all that kept running through my mind was it affecting us having a baby as bad as we have been ready for one since after we were married October 2012, really even before that we were ready. We told nobody for awhile, not even my mother. So, I got put on Clomid 50mg CD3-7 and Provera to jump start my period. Got my period and a +OPK. Blood work 1st cycle showed I ovulated at a 12. BFN 1st cycle.

2nd cycle doctor up Clomid to 100mg CD 3-7. +OPK, blood work showed I ovulated at a 31. After hearing that was really hoping we were pregnant. July 12 & 14 I got 2 BFP. Called doctor that Monday morning July 15, 2013, got blood work drawn that afternoon. Nurse called and said numbers were low. July 17. 2013 full blown AF L CHEMICAL PREGNANCY!!!!

I had a RE appointment scheduled for like 2 months because I said if we don't get pregnant by the appointment, we'll go get a second opinion. We seen the RE July 30, 2013 and the appointment went great. My husband and I both loved her. She really showed that she cared and listened to us and is ready to help us in anyway that she can. She did her own exam on me; both ovaries still looked great and had many good sized follicles. She wants to do a SA on my husband, and perform a HSG on me once my period comes to rule out everything else. I'm praying that we get pregnant soon and it sticks. I know God knows best, and when the time is right he'll bless us with a baby, just hoping its very soon.

Thanks to all who took the time out to read my story, just had to vent to people who have been there, is there, and truly understands. BABY DUST TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!


Flashing Smiley--CD8

So here's the deal,

This is our 2nd month TTC. I have the super advanced Clearblue ovulation get that indicates your "high" fertile days before ovulation--usually that high period last 2 days...I think. I received my flashing smiley on CD8! Sooooo, is it safe to sayt that we should just be BDing everyday this week? 


The thing is, when I tested the morning of CD8 I got the blank circle. That evening I was feeling ovulation cramps--even though I thought it was waay to early--so I tested again to rest my mind. Sure enough, flashing smiley! Last month I missed the "high" flashing smiley altogetherm, but got the stationary (non-flashing) smiley on CD 11. I had no idea I was ovulation before day 14... I learned that actually by the time most of these test indicate you are ovulating--you ACTUALLY ALREADY OVULATED. So you should have been BDing BEFORE you get the sign. I am now CD10. Given this info here's my question: What do you all think will help improve my chances this month? I'm new to this so please give me any pointers!! Thanks!!

Fertility Prayer

I got this prayer from an uncle at church whom i love and respect dearly. He has helped me alot with my spiritual life.

He gave me this prayer to pray before I try and conceive. I know God will bless us with our baby in His time.

You are more than welcome to use it. You can pray it with your spouse or on your own.


Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us faith to believe Your word (Rom 12:3) as Your children we make our request known to You according to Your word. Our hearts desire is to have a child, understanding that without You, we can do nothing (John 15:5,7).

Your word declares that I am a fruitful vine and that I will see my childrens children (Ps 128:3,4,6). Ps 127:3-5 declares that the fruit of my womb is a reward, a heritage from You, Father. Even as Mary believed Your word, and it became flesh, we too believe and receive according to Your word.

You bought us at a great price, and we will glorify You in our body and spirit (1 Cor 6:20). Thank you, Father, for enabling me to become pregnant with a healthy child, according to the desire of our heart (Ps 37:4,5).

We believe that You have heard and answered our prayer, and thankfully receive this child, on authority of Your word, (1 John 5:14,15) in the name of Jesus.


P.S Confirm receipt of above.

Question About Cycles

I'm obsessed i know.

Okay so how do I figure out when to expect AF?

My cycle history is as follows: 29 days, 27 days, 26 days, 28 days.

Today is cycle day 22 for me this time around. Ovulated on day 12 or 13 I believe.

There is always this fancy countdown to AF... but mine I suppose could be showing Monday (26), Tuesday (27), Wednesday (28) or Thursday (29) even?

Which day would you use?  I'm assuming this is probably a common problem.

Thanks in advance!

I'm out. CD1 08/08/2013

So I’m out for this cycle (AGAIN!!!). Luckily DH and I could work in one last BD last night before she showed. Talk about perfect timing. Had AF like cramps again when I woke up and at work. Abdomen is sore which is pretty much how it feels when AF arrives.  The spotting has become heavier so I’m expecting full blow AF before tonight. I’m realy sad because I felt so positive that this would be the month.


Well this is what’s been happening for the past 5 cycles:

Cycle #1 (March) = 28 days

Cycle #2 (April) = 29 days

Cycle #3 (May) = 33 days

Cycle #4 (June) = 35 days

Cycle #5 (July) = 31 days


Talk about irregular. I didn’t realy try very hard this month to conceive as I was a bit down and wanted to take a break but when I got a shooting pain on my left side around 22/23 July I thought it was my appendix and DH almost rushed me to the ER but after about 2 hours or so the pain calmed down. After looking at my calandar I suspected I might have O’d since it was more or less around my O date (if I had a 28 day cycle that is). I don’t recall BDing before that day but then again I wasn’t realy keeping track. Since I’m not sure when I realy O’d I’m going to refere to my CD.


CD22 thought I might have O’d (35 day cycle – but I guess not)

CD23,24,26,30 BD

CD25 had very sore BB’s the entire day, like a burning feeling

CD27 BFN, nauseas all day, a bit of heartburn

CD28 BFN, bloated, nauseas, gassy

CD29 heavy bloating, slight nausea, AF like cramps which all passed by the afternoon, spotting only when I wipe (I thought that was implantation bleeding)

CD30 BFN, glob of creamy light brown CM when I wiped (sorry tmi), started BBT charting temp was 98.69°F but I think I forgot that I was supposed to shake down the thermometer before taking my temp so I don’t think that was a valid reading

CD31 spotting like AF is busy arriving, BBT temp was 97,61°F (remembered to shake it down last night), cramping not to bad


So now that I have all the tools I need to start tracking my next cycle I’m kind of excited and so is DH, he is very supportive this cycle coming.

I’m going to chart my temp and get a couple of OPK’s and start taking pre-preg vitamins (I know I should have started long ago) and let the party get started. At least now I have a general idea of what to look out for.


Who else is back on CD1 today?

BFN! but theres still time..

So, I couldn't resist and tested today EVEN THOUGH AF isn't late until Tuesday or so. And the most I could possibly be is 8dpo. 


CM has become yellowy and creamy, much like it was when I was PG before. But its also the CM I got when I had an imbalance/infection once before, sooo.. 


Waiting sucks! Lol. I. I checked that test and squinted at it and prodded at it, and its still negative. If I close one eye and tilt the test juuuust right i can almost convince myself I see something, but alas.. I know I can't deep inside lol spotting has stopped and no AF yet, so hey, maybe there's hope.. we will see 

The 'two week wait' I should be in now... but I'm more confused than everrrrrrr!

Morning to all you lovely ladies!

Where do I even start??

Well, as per my last post, I 'thought' I had had a 30 day cycle... perhaps not.

Since early June I had some spotting in the first week - this I was amazed by because since coming off the pill in the new year I had yet to see a drop of blood. Fast forward two weeks and I had a full blown period.. Fast forward 30 days and right in the time frame I had another full blown period (except this time with some additional symptoms which I have NEVER had before ie. backache) = 30 day cycle. Wehay I hear you say? 

Well that was what I thought, thus I went into this weekend rather hopeful that this would be another 30 day ish cycle and I would have been ovulating in the next day or two...

Saturday I started to get little pinching cramps on my right side and a dull ache from my lower stomach... Ovulation is here!! (Or so I thought) Come Sunday and I start spotting - again, I feel this must still be a sign of ovulation as I have read from many of your posts that some women are lucky enough to get a big neon sign that they are ovulating in the form of spotting. I have also started feeling distinctly nauseous, which NEVER happens to me.

BUT. Monday came and low and behold, I start to bleed a little heavier.. in need of a small tampon. It's ok, I thought - after again much googling! Then Tuesday and Wednesday came and went and it was just getting heavier and heavier with small clots like AF.

Today, it has completely vanished. Meanwhile I have been BBTing for two cycles and my temp has been slowly inclining since CD10... I have checked my CP throughout, it was medium, medium and open throughout the bleeding but this morning it has gone sooooo high and medium and completely closed, almost turned. I haven't done a HPT yet as for all intents it should be too early in my cycle.. plus I cannot take another negative so I vowed to wait right to the 31 day mark before I took one.

I am at a loss. Absolutley no fricking idea what my body is playing at??? If anyone can help me with their experience or a suggestion, I would be extremely grateful.

Loads of love and baby dust to all xxx

Sad, but finding comfort in the future

Now that I have finished crying and moping around. I am gathering up all of the broken pieces of my heart and thinking good positive thoughts about this next month.

I know that it was only our first month TTC but it was heart wrenching to see AF come to town! I am praying that this next cycle will be our month to concieve our sweet angel!

Any advice on ways to increase our chances!?!?

We are using OPK's, so we know exactly when I ovulate.

Earliest you've ever ovulated?

Hey girls, me again. Lol I know. For me this site should be called the 4+ week wait. :(

anyways, I was just wondering what is the earliest and latest you've ever ovulated. 

I am currently on CD 8 out of a 28 day cycle. And since I got my OPK strips I've been testing twice a day (around 11am and then again around 5pm). 

So far of corse all negative. :( wah. 

what day did you end up ovulating? Help meeee