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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

The 'two week wait' that seems to be getting longer again..

Well, I thought I would return for a little update on my journey..

It has now been 7 loooong cycles, and I am starting to get past that anxious and worried and stressed out stage, thankfully heading into the 'what will be, will be' stage. I do believe that although the longing that us TTC'ers feel once we have made our decision to start 'trying' never goes away, (and more than often not, rears its head with an ugly vengeance), it does fade to a controllable level. I began with the easy going approach to TTC, went deep into the phase of obsession and POAS addiction, and have now come full circle again and decided that it will happen when my body is ready.

This little revelation has lifted me emotionally even though I do still feel down at times - especially at the announcement of other BFP's of those close to me.

You may remember my last blog was an update on the results of our Dr's appointment to discuss my fertility testing (which all came back normal), she had informed me that she wanted to refer us to the fertility specialist in our area but that this could only happen once my hubby had done a SA. Unfortunately, part due to his job restraints and part due to a bit of performance anxiety - he has been unable to do this. So I have been permanently stuck in limbo for the last month, unsure of where this road would lead to and feeling rather hopeless.

Since that time, I think I have experienced a 30 day cycle!!! I had some spotting and very light menses on the 19th June and this July I began a light to medium bleed on the 19th July! I do not want to get my hopes up, but am now feeling very positive that my body is trying to right itself after the affects of BCP for so many years. I was temping for all of last month (my first time) but FF didn't give me any indication of ovulation, so I am completely unsure whether I actually did or not. But progress is progress, isn't it??

So now, as you can imagine, I am patiently awaiting the estimated fertile time as I am currently on CD7 and trying my best to stay neutral and not put too much pressure on myself just incase I don't get a 30 day cycle this month!

But here's to hope!!

I have also decided that temping isn't for me as it leaves me feeling stressed and constantly second guessing my body. This month I experienced PMS symptoms which I have never ever felt before. I usually have medium cramps on day 1 & 2 of my AF and apart from that - nada. This cycle I experienced very tender BBs and sore nips (even when rubbing on my clothing) for around 7 days before AF. I developed fairly severe backache in my kidney areas and this lasted for an entire day before AF, I also experienced mild cramping the day before and throughout AF - Mighty odd! Unfortunately, I was all geared up thinking I was possibly pregnant with all these ragingly different symptoms, but I guess they were just new PMS symptoms because I was having a natural cycle instead of pill withdrawel. This is why I feel like it is more important to get to know your body, because ultimately, it's the part of you that controls this frustrating journey from beginning to end.

I will continue to take pre-natals and agnus castus (which I feel may deserve the credit for my returning cycles).

I will update with any news this 'cycle' as and when it happens.

Much love and baby dust to all xxxx

The worst perfect timing

Hi Ladies,

AF was supposed to show 7/14. 5 days later I was seriously hopeful that I could be PG. I usually start on the same day every month but this month I new I would be a little late because I was doing an organized bike ride for 200 miles that weekend. However, 5 days seemed pretty excessive. We were camping in Yellowstone and preparing the next day to start a 3 day backpacking trip up the Grand Tetons and guess who decides to show - AF. I immediately burst into tears - thankfully hubby was there to hold me. Not only did my hopes get raised that I might actually be PG but I also knew I had a very difficult day of hiking ahead of me with a 40lb backpack. Did I also mention that it was only 5 days prior that I rode my bike 200 miles in 2 days?! I cried that morning and for the first few miles on the trail. DH was amazing - very patient, allowing me to stop and cry on his shirt as many times as I needed. Soon enough I was able to dry the tears and enjoy God's beautiful creation.

I was really taken past my physical and emotional limits that weekend. I am so thankful that I never have to lean on my own strength in life. God is always there to make up for my weaknesses. It was a beautiful hike and gave me a great perspective in this infertility journey. God is not finished showing me that through Him alone I can do all things and nothing is impossible for Him.

My hope is in the Lord! Thank you for reading this. It gives me comfort just being able to write about my experiences with women who understand.


Mother in law issues

I think I just need to vent.I have been married almost 5 years. We are the oldest of the siblings and have been married the longest. My MIL and I do not have the greatest of relationships. She is a very nice lady, but is far too condescending and judgemental for me to really get any closer to. Almost every time we get together with her (she lives in another state so thankfully it's not all that often) there is usually an argument somewhere.We started ttc around January or so, and it has been quite the chore/priority since then. Last month I had a chemical pregnancy, which we didn't tell anyone about. We've been keeping our plans hush hush, because really- it's no one's business.There are two other siblings that are expecting, and since then my MIL has taken it upon herself to put even more pressure on us. She is constantly asking how the baby plans are going to my DH, who has been absolutely wonderful and more than understanding when I've asked him to not say anything. He's done a good job so far, but I'm still really irritated. I know she probably means well, and just wants to make sure she is informed and included and because there is baby buzz with other siblings, it's the only she can really think about. I understand where she's coming from, but I'm starting to lose my cool. She hasn't really stopped nagging, and I'm afraid that she is not getting the message that it's none of her beeswax. DH's response to her is usually "you'll know when you know"... he's trying to be as polite as possible. He's told her to stop asking a couple of times just casually but she just wont let up. I feel terrible about this, but I snooped on DH's phone and saw some texts from her, again asking how the baby department was going, and I was proud to see his response which was rather short and to the point- telling her she needed to stop asking. Nothing more and nothing less, she didn't even say anything back. I don't want to out of the blue confront her about it, but if I have to I will. I know that this is a pretty common problem, and I've googled tons on how to politely respond while keeping poised, but I'd love some woman to woman encouragement and to hear what other ladies have done in this situation.

My appetite is totally messed up.

Firstly, hello to all you lovely Ladies and thank you for posting on here.

This is my 3rd month trying for baby number 1, so I'm slowly finding my feet. I'm 34 and BF is 33. I'm 14dpo and I'm pretty sure AF is due today. I don't have a huge amount in the way of symptoms other than big bbs - which until yesterday kept giving me horrible sharp pains just in the right one (which I've never had before) and a strange appetite which leaves me hungry but not fancying anything. I've also lost my sweet tooth which is unlike me and the idea of cake and biscuits is actually repugnant! Also, I don't have a metallic taste in my mouth, but I've had a rather bitter taste for the past 3 days. Anyone else experienced this?

Quick funny story, about 2 hours hours ago i just got totally busted looking at my nipples in the ladies toilet mirror! I thought the veins on my nips looked especially blue (could have been the lighting) and so I was having a good hard stare at them. Anyway, I was so transfixed by them that i didn't hear the lady who came in and just ended up flashing her! i was so embarrassed, that i mumbled something about there being "a very good reason for this" and just ran away! lol

So anyway, I'm going to take a Clear Blue with FMU tomorrow and see what happens.Any comments/advice very welcome. 

And good luck to all of us!



babies with sereve brain damage or cerebral palsy

when I was pregnant with my son, at the 20 week scan they found out that he has fluid on his brain nearly every week i had to have scans to see if the fluid was growing and if his head was becoming bigger than normal. when I got to 7 months the fluid was covering most of the right side of his brain yet his head was still a normal size. the doctors told me the chances of him serving was very little and if he did serve he may not be able to feed or cry or hold my hand. those 2 months was the hardest time in my life but I tried to stay as happy as I could for my little one if that was going to be his last days I wanted him to be as happy as possible. I had my son 5 days after my due date when I went into labour at 3 in the morning I was very scared if I was going to go home with my baby or alone but I had to stay carm and relaxed for him. I gave birth to my son at 11 clock that morning I had a natural birth and when he came out they put him straight on my chest, at first all I wanted to hear was him scream it seemed like he was trying so they took him from me and taped his foot. all of a sudden my little boy was screaming :) it was the most happiest time in my life I just burst out in tears I couldn't believe it. he was taken straight for a scan then brought back to me about 2 hours after he started feeding straight away It was incredible. my baby boy is now nearly 10 week old his smiling, feeding and following my voice and face, holding my hand he has not needed help since birth. however I just had my results back of the MRI scan and they are telling me that the part of his brain that controls the breathing is not effected and the back of the brain is ok. but the right and left side has grow abnormally and there is large cyst on the right side of the brain compressing his brain and causing more damage which means he might have to have surgery. in the last week my little boy has starting jerking and closes his left hand more then the right and try's to cross his legs the doctors have told me these are early signs of cerebral palsy.

I would really appreciate it if anyone has gone through similar experience please share with me as I am not really sure what to look out for different signs of cerebral palsy as he is just like a normal baby

he is my little miracle baby :) x x x x

8 days late , BFNs...getting discouraged

I just want to know either way! I keep getting bfn on $ tree tests , I feel pregnant.  I have been pregnant before and feel the same. Boobs are full and killing me, temps high, emotions going crazy, had mid cycle cm and spotting,  peeing like crazy..... I need encouragement..... 

Need Help!!!

So...My period is very very irregular. I usually have my period every three months. Well last week would of hit the three month mark no AF. Well Thursday I went to the bathroom and wiped when I did on the toilet paper was a brown mucus clump (not big). I just figured that AF was on it way. Well the next day it was the same thing not a lot just sporatic when I went to the bathroom. On Saturday it was brown mixed with red blood so I knew I was on my way to starting and earlier that day I had random pains on my left side (pelvic area) well today is Tuesday and when I still wipe there is just streaks of red blood with cm again not a lot at all and random. I took a digital hpt this morning and is was a BFN. Any help would be so much appreciated from all the experienced ttcers! Thanks ya'll

Am I seeing things?

I am 7 Days late today and all my $tree tests show BFN!!! I took this FRER yesterday PM and I think I see a faint line but I need opinions please!

Faint BFP!

Okay, I'm freaking myself out a little bit so I need some help! I stopped using BCPS in May, and my DH and I started trying in June. I knew it might not work right after coming off BCPS, but I was so hopeful! Unfortunately, I didn't get pregnant. I never really recorded my menstrual cycles before BCPS, but I think they were pretty normal. My last one after the pills came 2 days earlier than I thought (26 day cycle instead of 28). I've never kept track of when I O either, so I really didn't know when to test this next time around. I was thinking my period due date was around the 25th to 27th (this Wednesday to Friday), but like I said, I'm not too sure how long my cycles are. Yesterday I drove myself crazy reading pregnancy blogs, and saw that a lot of ladies get BFPs 8-9 DPO. I figured I was around that time and just decided to go ahead and test. The only test I had at home was a First Response digital, and it turned out negative. I hate that! I was disappointed but knew that it was still pretty early. I felt like I was so pregnant though (bloated and cramping all weekend!) so I couldn't give up! A few hours later I tested again with an Answer brand test. A very faint line showed up just a minute or two later, and my DH and I were so excited that we ran to tell my mom! My DH then called all of his family and told them! I'm starting to worry now because I'm worried that it maybe isn't true! Our families are so excited and I'd hate to break their hearts! So, I need some advice. I attached the test I took last night, and another one I took this morning. Am I really pregnant??

Sorry it's so long, but I just wanted to cover all the details. :)