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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

AF Due Yesterday...spotted and then nothing

Hi all!

I took my first 50mg dose of Clomid on 7/22 (2nd round.  I had conceived the first round but that sadly ended in miscarriage).

At home test (OPK) said I ovulated 8/6 (CD18). Yesterday (12DPO/CD30) I spotted after intercourse but have had no more bleeding since. The spotting was minimal (pink/red).

I am now awaiting my period (which was technically due yesterday) and have had some pretty consistent cramping low in my pubic bone. Thoughts? Is this a missed period or Clomid caused spotting? I have never spotted like this before my period.


A very sad day ....

So... It's a sad depressing day for me.. My DH just told me he changed his mind on wanting more kids (we only have 1). lucky for him AF just arrived so..  I guess this is it for me! I'm going to have to try my very best to be completely satisified with one child.  I love her more than anything and she makes my world but i have such a yurning for another one..  Anyways.. I wish all of you ladies the best of luck!! I hope your get your BFP's soon!!

Signing off for good..


So disappointed! Evap or hallucinations?!

So after a very promising start with pregnancy symptoms from 6dpo I have reached 13dpo and feel really down.

My sickness etc has gone, all I have now is a tingly feeling every now and again in nipples, random ovary pinches/cramps, CM changeable from day to day, no sign of AF.

I took a pregnancy test yesterday at around 11.30 am as I have just started a new job doing night replenishing and couldnt test earlier, it was 2 days since last test and 'milk' started coming out my nipple! Nothing showed up in 2 mins and the background was still streaky so I just chucked it thinking it was a negative. Before I went to bed that night I looked at it and there was a light pink line staring back! So visible that my OH even said he can see it and he NEVER sees anything lol. If it had appeared before I chucked it I would have said it was a BFP but now Im not so sure. I took 2 tests this morning that are both BFN, hours later and still no indication otherwise. What is going on?!

I really dont know what to think, had a tiny bit of of brownish tinged CM today but I am also due AF this week. Any ideas or comments welcome, just feel so disheartened :( 

Symptoms?? 14dpo

Hello ladies I am new to this! Been ttc with my husband for our first for 7 months. Hoping this is our month!

1dpo-nothing to note
2dpo- nothing
4dpo- peeing more, very thirsty
5dpo- insatiable hunger, peeing more, thirsty, headache,
6dpo-cramping (light), hungry, thirsty, aches and pains
7dpo- much of the same
8dpo- more cramping, frequent urges to move bowels? Did I mention hungry? Oh and super duper horny? Lol
9dpo- same as above
10dpo- hungryyy like half hr after I ear my stomach burns for more food, grumbling, the odd light dizzy feeling,
11dpo- same as above
12dpo- frequent urination, negative preg test :(
13dpo- cramping, not painful but noticeable, hunger, frequent ruination/bowel movements, very vivid dreams!
14dpo- AF due today hasn't shown her but still have noticeable cramping, hunger persists , creamy/chunky cm? Sorry tmi, not in panties but when trying to check cervix, breaking out, soo tired, emotional? Vivid dreams

Really hoping I have good signs, fingers crossed!! So tired of the monthly heartbreak!!

Oh my goodness... this 'two week wait' never has a chance!

Oh ladies, where do I even start?

After my last post regarding heavy spotting during supposed ovulation week, my body managed to go two weeks then AF, and now 6 days then heavy spotting.... I have no idea whether I'm coming or going!

Since coming off BCP at the new year 2013 I had hoped that this journey would be somewhat exciting, now I feel quite numb having had my hopes dashed every single month for the past 8 months.

I have tried everything from Agnus Castus & pre-natals to BBT, Acupuncture & Ovulation strips, elevating hips for 1/2 hour after BD & SMEP... all of which are just making me feel worse because I'm trying every trick in the book and thanks to my wonderful body - I don't have a cat in hells chance at getting pregnant!

It seems that my body is content to go from one extreme to another, first it was no AF whatsoever for 6 months, now AF won't go away for longer than 5 minutes! For all intents (unless I'm doing something completely wrong) my BBT doesn't show any signs of ovulation yet my hormone test at the Dr's came out perfectly fine.. I have no STI, UTI, PCOS or any other abbreviation and my U/S showed that things were as they should be.

I'm still waiting for DH to do his SA for our referral to the fertility specialist... I have given him a bit of an ultimatum and said that if he wants a baby he needs to do it by the end of the week because I am losing the will to live with TTC.

I know I have only been trying for 8 months & compared to some of you unbelievably patient ladies who have been trying for years this is not a long time, but I feel as though this is a fight against a battle that I am guaranteed to lose if my body isn't working correctly to give me even a small chance each month. I really hope there is some explanation and some way they can regulate my AF as it is so difficult to go about daily activities when I'm constantly worried AF will call at any moment and catch me off guard..

This is not at all how I expected having a baby to be, at this stage, I'm quite impressed the population is rising at all given the obvious difficulties so many of you ladies face in this TTC challenge. If only it was like the fairytales..

Any suggestions or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Looooooaaaaads of baby dust to everyone out there on their TWW xxx


Very Confused with positive OPK's, advice please!!


So I started using OPK's this month on 3rd month of ttc and I got a positive OPK on 5th August (meaning AF should be arriving today or tomorrow), I did a couple more after and they went back to negative, but yesterday for some strange reason I just decided to do another OPK in the afternoon and I got what I thought was another positive OPK! So it would mean I got a positive OPK on CD17 and again on CD30. My last two cycles have been 35 days and 37 days (I came off the pill in May). I then did another OPK last night and it was negative again. I am now really confused as the positive on CD17 made total sense to the length of my previous cycles but surely I wasn't about to ovulate again yesterday/today meaning my cycle would then go up to about 45 days. Has anyone else experience two positive OPK's about 2 weeks apart? I know one option is maybe my surge increased to ovulate but I didn't but haven't had problems in ovulating before. I don't have PMS symptons this month either. I am also worried and not sure when to BD now but luckily we did BD yesterday morning before I got the positive so I am hoping if was about to ovulate we made it in time. On the week of getting the first positive OPK we bd'd everyday and for rest of cycle about every 2-3 days.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Pic of my OPK's would you agree both positive?

Many thanks!


TTC. Learning patience. Trying to let go.

Hi there! My husband and I have been TTC for 4 months, 5 if you want to count as soon as we got married in April. The first 2 months we simply just BD's around what I thought was my O time. I am so regular it's insane and have been since I was a teenager. I am an exact 28 day cycle every month. The calendar would suggest I O between CD 12-15. After two months of disappointment I decided to use the OPK. In July 2013 I PEAKED on the OPK exactly on day 14. In May and June I had no signs of O (no CM, sore boobs, etc). In July I showed major signs (EW CM, SORE!! BBs, mild cramps in ovary area). Anyway still no success in July. So, this month, August we are using the OPK again with PRESEED. On day 7 I noticed a tad bit of EW CM towards the late afternoon. I thought, hm. So I went ahead and used the OPK and it read "LOW FERTILITY" so we skipped the BD for that night. In the morning on CD 8 it read "PEAK" and I of course was like OH NO!! I have prayed we didn't miss an opportunity so needless to say we BD'd a lot that day and for three days after. I BD'd the day before PEAK showed up. Anyway, so prayers are going up that this month will be the month. I've heard a lot of great things about preseed and hoping it helps. I am the baby of my family (28 yrs old) and my DH has a son from a previous relationship but I have none. I've never wanted children until I met my DH and now I just can't wait. I also started watching my temperature and on CD 8 it was 96.3, CD 9 96.8, CD 10 96.8, CD 11 96.1, CD 12 96.7, CD 13 (today) it was 97.5. I don't understand all that temp stuff but I'm interested to see what I learn from it. I hope this won't be a long journey but I know God has perfect timing for everything and it doesn't always match up with mine. 

Baby Dust to all****** 

Hormone surge?

Hi there if anyone can give some advice here it would be appreciated. I have very promising signs but 11dpo  I think my hormone levels dipped and symptoms started disappearing. The next morning 12dpo it was all back. Now today 13dpo I have pink tinged in my cm, not when I wipe but internally check. Could this be from the drop in my hormones and it might have picked up again enough to prevent af or am I just clutching straws now?


Finally, after 41 days since lmp, af is here. Not that I wanted it, but I was starting to feel like maybe something was wrong from having Paragard for 5 years. It definitely messes with your body. Glad to start ttc soon. Got some OPKs just to help since me last cycle was jacked. Hopefully I have a normal cycle!