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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

The "two week wait" that will hopefully become shorter...

Well, I'm back from my U/S today... The sonographer was lovely, she performed the scan relatively quickly (though I won't lie, I was fairly uncomfortable throughout because they ask that you have a full bladder and then think it's a clever idea to press all over it!!) My Doctor had said that I may possibly have a form of PCOS so I was quite worried about what they would find.

The prognosis; She informed me that both my right and left ovaries appeared absolutely normal but that my endometrium is slightly thinner than she would have expected. (Though this does not explain my absense of periods!) She suggested that my doc should do a blood test and that they could still be polycystic even if there was no evidence on the scan... Whoopie.

So, I have been told to book an appointment on Wednesday with the Dr to discuss the U/S and to do a blood test. FX we can move forward soon...

As for anything else, I am going to try to get out running for 20 mins a night to keep my fitness levels up.. but not excessively. I start tonight - Well.. I PLAN to start tonight!! Haha..

I have also purchased Pre-Seed to give us a helping hand when the time comes that I find out I am actually able to conceive, also some agnus castus to help level out my hormones (incase the Dr tells me there is nothing wrong with me!... which they quite often seem to do!)

I took the day off work this afternoon to make sure I didn't have to go back to work if the prognosis was bad, turns out I didn't need that (thank goodness!) Instead I'm going to take some much needed time to myself and relax since the hubby is at work :0)

Until Wednesday ladies.

Love and Baby Dust to all xxxx

Week 3 w/o BC

So it's now my 3rd week off the birth control. Still no AF in sight, yet having lots of PMS symptoms. Just hope the BC pills haven't screwed my system too much.

Monday 17th June 

BBT = 36.4c

OPK = Negative

HPT = Negative

Morning: Tender BB's with tiny bumps and slightly veiny. Cramps as usual. Some weird vivid dreams but that's not too unusual for me. Headache. Took me ages to get to sleep because of the BB tenderness, but also felt a little queasy. Just wish AF would arrive or something!

Afternoon: Actually not too bad this afternoon, just slight cramps.

Evening: Very crampy, ARGH! Actually hurts to walk. Like something is squishing my insides down there.


Tuesday 18th June

BBT = 36.2c

Morning: Ugh, cramps as usual, but the horrible squishy pressure feeling as back and it hurts :(

Afternoon: Still that horrible pressure making me want to pee even when I've had nothing to drink! Pain when walking because of it still.

Evening: As above D: Really beginning to hate this cramp! Actually that's not true, I just hope it's going to bring on the AF soon! Aching back and some twinges on my left side rather than full on cramps. I have had a busy day though so my achy back is a normal thing. Twinges in left BB too.

Thursday 20th June

BBT - 36.38c

Not feeling well all day. Went to aerobics in evening, but felt giddy, and almost passed out before the work out. Went to A&E, had tests run, no infections, had pregnancy urine test, which was negative. Have to keep an eye on myself for the next week and go back to doctor if headaches do not go away. Otherwise MRI scan will have to be performed on my head. SIGH! Here's hoping it is just the heat that's causing this.

The "two week wait" that seems to last forever...

Hi, I'm Harriet and welcome to my journey!

First, a bit of background -  I'm 23 DH is 26, we got married this year and have been talking about starting a family ever since we got together. DH has a son from another relationship who I love to peices and am a very proud step mummy to, but he's just "not mine". This will be our first child together and although I can't say whether I will love my own child more, I am quite sure that I will love them differently. I have always imagined myself as a mum and promised myself that when I found the right man, I would know when I was ready. Well, after several years, this year we decided, would be our year.

So came new years day 2013 when we decided that I would stop my BCP and begin this topsy turvy journey that is TTC.

I finished my BCP at the end of the packet 04/01/13 and from then on looked forward to that day when I found out we were expecting to bring a perfect new life into the world together...

DH and I both work from home so it wasn't difficult to BD whenever we needed to. I began using OPK's from day 1 but never got my smiley face. At the end of January AF came and I reassured myself that it was just 'not our month' and got on with life.

Then came February - After the allotted time, a lot of BDing and a long 2WW, AF did not show. :0) YES!! I thought, this was sure to be our month. I started to feel nauseous and had little flutters in my lower stomach... 18DPO - did a test...BFN. :0( Didn't let this bother me, waited til AF was over a week late, tested - BFN. This disheartened me somewhat but decided it was worth going to the Dr's to check out what was happening.

The Dr was very supportive and understanding but refused to believe I wasn't pregnant and took a urine test... BFN. As i thought. Again refused to believe I wasn't pregnant and ordered a blood test to confirm. The results confirmed that I was not pregnant and I was told that it was probably due to my BC and that I should wait until the 6 month mark in June.

So here I am, TTC for 6 months. (I didn't ever realise it would take this long.) I had an appointment at the Drs last week and she booked me in for an u/s on Monday 17/06/13 to check for any tube or uterus issues and to check for ovulation. FX I have no problems. Though I wish there was something identifiable that I could fix :0(

So far I have felt elated, depressed, excited, anxious, emotional and numb. I can't express to any of you that are thinking of starting this emotional rollercoaster of a journey to make sure that you and your partner are solid as a rock or that you have some good friends around you - because once you begin, you will need so much support, even if you are strong willed and jolly like me.

I have spent the last 6 months trying and failing and having to watch friends all around me falling pregnant without even so much as touching each other.

The worst of those hit me hard this week; a friend of DH's decided to start trying with her partner after new year the same time as we did, I was so excited for us to go down this journey together! We were TTC buddies and that was fantastic, last week she posted her 12 week scan online for all to see - and I burst out crying. "What does she have that I don't?" I blubberingly asked DH. I am happy for her, so pleased that she has managed what I have not been able to, but inside I am a seethingly jealous person. My DH and I are happily married with stable careers and a home big enough for the new arrival. DH's friend has been with her bf for a few years but openly admits to us that she doesn't think she loves him and doesn't see herself spending her life with him. She smokes, drinks, exercises way more than is necessary and is skinny beyond belief - yet that little miracle happened to her instead of us... Just. Why???

It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel any more. I am a positive person but I will openly admit that this, I am struggling with. I have so much respect for you beautiful ladies who have been trying for years without ever giving up, that is an incredible feat. I don't think I will ever give up either but I sure can't get my head around any of this unjustified hurt that comes from the TTC journey.

Will update you after my u/s.

Best wishes and heaps of Baby Dust to all xxxxxxxx

Day 12, 13 & 14 w/o BC updated

So, it's now been 12 days since I last took any BC and the horrible symptoms are still with me.


Wednesday 12th June

BBT = 36.4c

Morning: Nearly collapsed - felt faint and sick then came over all sweaty. Lay down for a few minutes until I felt better. 

Afternoon: Cramps on and off, headache comes and goes.

Evening: Just cramps.


Friday 14th June

BBT = 36.4c

Morning: Headaches, crampy, feeling slightly nauseas.

Afternoon: Headaches, cramps. Horrible twinge on right side.

Evening: More Headaches and cramps.... D:


Saturday 15th June (13 days off BC)

BBT = 36.51c

Morning: Headache, slight cramps. Wishing they would stop now! Very annoying!

Afternoon: Very crampy and headache.

Evening: Still crampy, BB's feel sore.


Sunday 16th June (14 days off BC)

BBT = 36.60c 

HPT = Super faint second line.... Evap or Pos? Unknown.

Morning: Cramps, sore BB's, lots of veins and little bumps showing. Slight headache.

Afternoon: Going to loo a lot! Cramps, tender BB's.

Evening: Still needing to pee regularly, unusual for me. Still lots of cramps and headache. Sore BB's.



anyone 7dpo wanna wait it out together? ???


anyone 7dpo wanna wait it out together? ???

Anyone around same time and want to wait out tww

First 2WW Second cycle of 2013

So this is my first cycle TTC while charting and only my second cycle of the entire year!

It's kind of a long story but I became irregular at the end of 2011 (Nov.) then I stopped getting a period in 2012, the sad part was that DH and I decided to stop using BC. So every month AF didn't show I thought I was pregnant but that was not the case for me. Before that, I was like clock work every single month, I knew my cycle. I know now that it was my weight that was effecting me so I lost some weight and I'm continuing to do so. It is currently June and I'm down 50+ lbs!

Now I'm becoming regular again and Ovulating! Currently 5 DPO according to Fertility Friend.

I've been trying to keep track daily of my symptoms.

3 DPO: Feeling sore on my arms and lower back. This could be from working out. Breasts are feeling heavy again like last month, could this be a new PMS symptom for me?

4 DPO: Weird CM! I never get CM externally but I noticed in the AM a lot of creamy lotion CM.  Later in the day I continued to check and it became more like pieces of gel that weren’t stretchy. The consistency went back to a very creamy cm towards evening.  Other symptoms: tender breasts, slight vertigo in the evening.

5 DPO: CP is very low and soft! There is a ton of creamy lotion CM again! Breasts are no longer tender but they look more full and rounder. (workouts?) Kind of feeling gassy today and that is very bizzare for me.


I'm pretty excited about this cycle because I'm feeling and noticing different things. However, I'm also mildly skeptical because I'm not sure if it's just my body getting back to where it was before I became irregular or if we are actually making our baby :)


keep calm ..

Infertility Talk ....

*first post*


Welcome to our ttc journey ....

We had been trying to conceive for close to a year, due to hubbys medical past ((testicular cancer when 17)) we decided to get a SA done ... results were below normal on everything .. more importantly his motility was <10% :(  his Dr. recommended we have an initial fertility consultation with my OBGY ...

June 10th - after a referral by my OB, our first visit with our RE Dr. Karande.  Arrived. Super nervous not knowing what to expect ... settled down when i realized how nice everyone was. After waiting for 45 minutes they finally take us back. First get an u/s to check my ovaries, everything checked out ok! Hubby a lil uncomfortable since he was in there seeing a lil too much of my goodies i guess hahaha. Finally go back and talk to Dr. Karande and he explains how he is very concerned about the motility factor in the DH SA - originally we thought we were going to go and talk our possibilities of IUI since that was what my OB had recommended. So when the Dr. starts talking about pills, injections, egg retreival and transfer i was a lil taken back because i was totally not expecting that. After he goes through the whole process of trying to conceive via IVF "any questions?" ummm... heck yea!! I hadn't researched enough about IVF since my time was consumed following blogs about IUI.

Now our next step....wait for AF to arrive .... i've never wanted her to get here as bad as i do now! && hubby going in for some deposits ... in case the day of there aren't any good to choose from.


Until next time ...