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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

Confusing Body

The last two days my body has been extremely confusing! three days ago I had some cramping then a brownish pink discharge, the next day there hours of cramping with heavier bleeding then nothing for the rest of the night and then yesterday the exact same thing, and now I'm waiting to see what happens today. I'm not suppose to start AF until this Saturday and I'm NEVER early! My thought is its implantation bleeding! Sore boobs as well! Has anyone else ever experienced this roller coaster with their body before getting BFP?

OPK Results - Help would be great!

Yesterday I had what I think is a positive test results on a OPK.  We BD last night.  Today I tested and the line is lighter.

What does this mean?

i feel like we did it!

started AF on 7/08.

saw faint line on opk stick on 7/20 and full positive on 7/21

DD on 7/19-7/22, also 7/24

O day, felt twinges and pinching pain on rgt side of uterus

continued through the 24th (dpo2) which then moved to the middle

dpo3-light lower back cramps, bouts of nausea

5dpo-rgt BBS especially under armpit,insomnia

7dpo-still have BBS(right side) also felt major tightening in uterus(almost like BH) continued for hours

8dpo- woke up at 5am with cramping located on right side ovary, unmistakeable


Cycle 3

Round 3 ding ding ding!

Current Cycle Day: 4

Not really much to say here apart from waiting for AF to finish soon. Will update when necessary!


Link to FF Chart here >


So AF finished on Thursday (1st August) so currently CD8 now and waiting to O.

Tracking my ovulation again this month with the OPK's. So far, negative. FF predicts it will turn positive on the 11th. We shall see!


1) 36.60

2) 36.67

3) 36.64

4) 36.68

5) 36.67

6) 36.61

7) 36.68

8) 36.60 BFN

I'm totally freaking out!

Today I am between 7 and 8 dpo..... around 5 dpo I noticed I spotted in the early moring! This really got my hopes up! I've had a couple other "symptoms" (sudden but mild waives of nausea, cramping, crying for stupid reasons, and mild lower back pains!) All of these symptoms have had me really excited the last few days, but today out of the blue while watching TV with my hubby, I noticed a twinge on my left side... it continued for a few minutes and got a bit stronger and more noticable. All of a sudden a rush of fear and worry flooded my body! I started to think, "omg what if I'm getting ready to have a period, or a miscarriage" This is our first month TTC so I'm really confused and lost =( I want this to happen with all of my heart, but idk what to think now!

just trying to pass the time

Hello all you have seen me on here a lot lately sorry I am going nuts with this tww. I was on bcp for 8 years finished my last cycle last month had af on the 26 and have had every symptom from my daughters perfume wanting to make me throw up hot dogs can't eat them I didn't mind them before didn't love them. my temp went back to normal for a few day still bloated gassy and evacuating the good old kidneys like every hour. temp just spike up to 99 I feel fine other than nausea if I don't eat. this is nuts. thought I saw a ghost line but not sure I am 5 days late for af. I have never ever had that unless I am pregnant ask my two kids. lol. trying to make light other people not being very encouraging actually only one person and it's not my hubbs. He's almost totally positive just for the fact of I cry at the drop of a hat. I am not an emotional person on or off bcp mood swings tend to swing towards making me irritated instead of crying before af. but too test today thought I saw ghost line but not positive. any time even using ept I have to wait almost two weeks after my af was supposed to come to get my anwser so I have more like 4ww. I think people that see it on a test are awesomely luck or see it before their missed af. so I will try not to drive everyone insaine. I was fully prepared not to be with child for a few more months because of the length I was on bcp. I got pregnant with my daughter in two months after being on bcp for almost two years so I figured it would probably take even longer. and I am on a low dose hormone so I don't get any symptoms from stopping them. the rx has messed up my cycle 3 times in 5 months so we took it as we should go for broke then get fixed. lol

Is this a BFP? 10dpo

Alright ladies, I need confirmation. What does this look like to you? Is it still too early to tell? 

What is happening with my chart this cycle?!

This is only my second month temping but last month I had a clear biphasic pattern. This month has been very strange since the start. I thought I ovulated on CD13 but then on CD16 I had the most EWCM yet this month and a small amount of pink spotting. Then my temp dropped dramatically the next morning and stayed pretty low again the next. MY cm has dried up, CP lowered a bit and my boobs are sore and bigger like they always are after ovulation. Pic of my chart:


I appreciate any input!

Ovulation Positive?

Hi gals :)  I have been TTC for a few months now (this is cycle 4) and I finally decided to start testing for ovulation.  Because this is my first time tracking this I was wondering if you could tell me if this is a positive or not?

Also, if it's positive, when should I BD?  Somewhere I read that I should BD tonight, tomorrow and the next day. 

Any help would be great!  Thanks!

Little Bean, is that you? Updates Daily + photos progression

DF and I are trying now. And this will be my 2nd and his 2nd baby. Our DDs (from prev. relationships) are 8 and 5.

So AF is due in 3 Days. I've tested and BFN so far. But yesterday I had light brownish / yellowish / pinkish spotting!!! Lasted 3 hours and stopped. For good.  

I have read HUNDREDS of stories within the last 2 weeks.. I need a buddy to wait with and hopefully share BFP's with!!!!


What I've been going through: I apologize in advance for the novel but I always love the stories that are really in depth about everything bc I love comparing symptoms :)

1-2 dpo - nothing  

3 dpo - BBT 98.3 woke up with a VERY sore throat which went away after 15 minutes, creamy CM in AM, very slightly sore BBs, 9:30pm CM is watery/lotiony, slight nausea at 10pm, couple seconds of sharp small pains in mid area of lower tummy

4dpo - 97.4 Headache and bad backache in AM before work, BBs more sore today (my BBs are only ever sore btw ONLY 2-3 days before AF and a day or so during AF), eyes seem difficult to focus, little gassy, slippery/slightly creamy CM, BBs even more sore, teeth aching at 2:30pm, cramps in right hand (palm) ?!, thicker/creamier CM (almost never enough to reach undies btw almost always have to reach in to check it), teeth aching again, millisecond of sharp pain in lower belly a minute later more twingy pains on the left side, hair hurts on top of head ???! Feels sensitive for some reason 

5 dpo - BBT 97.1 BBs VERY sensitive, starting to break out a little bit, lite cramping on and off every few seconds, weird dream last night about chasing a CB Digi test (weird, I never really remember my dreams), teeth slightly achy, Achy ovaries??, both BBs itchy, sharp pains in lower mid tummy again went away after 3-5 sharp pulses, randomly smell Red Bull out of NO WHERE sitting in a public place; didn't see anyone with Red Bull though, 6:30pm feel fatigued driving to work, BB soreness not as bad?!, gassy, backache, watery/slippery CM, ate an ENTIRE cheesesteak at work for dinner and still not completely satisfied; I can only ever eat a half and am beyond full at that point, BB soreness back in full swing all of a sudden, chapped lips and edges of lips ?! Weird, right hand cramping again, foggy CM when fingers inserted; looks like VERY light brown tint on TP though, could smell things like crazy

6 dpo - BBT 98.1 BBs SUPER SORE this AM, creamy/sticky CM at 1pm nothing on TP, dizzy a little, eyes difficult to focus again, 2pm lite but very sharp zings in left ovary area 6x in course of 1minute every 10-20 seconds; 4 minutes later same zings 20x only now in the course of 1minute as almost constant zings one right after the next, arms feel beyond tired and sore like I've worked out(which I haven't) and same with stomach; feels like I did a billion crunches(I def didn't), 6:30pm walking one block to work from parking garage and legs felt like CEMENT; definitely weird, eyes difficult to adjust and focus again, chapped lips, minor headache, BBs not as sore again today but def still sore,very moderate strong cramping/aching under belly button started at 7:32pm and lasted 5-10 minutes (never felt that before!!), completely dry CM at 9:30pm, extremely irritable; snappy with everyone, BB pain increasing again

7 dpo - BBT 98.1 BBs more sore than they have been today, BFN with SMU on FRER (too soon I know) really lite pulling/tugging in lower abdomen past couple days, Right BB small burning sensation Left BB is itchy, painful pulling in the left ovary area down to top of left leg it feels like, major fatigue after food shopping in the afternoon, feel weak, twinges continue, 6pm out of NO WHERE tasted poppy seeds in my mouth while reading TWW stories; last thing I ate was a Belgium cream puff 5 minutes prior!! ( last time I had anything with poppy seeds on it was MONTHS ago!!!), decided I wasn't pregnant after BFN so DF and I took 2 shots of Fireball (I was WAY too drunk and I KNOW how I usually feel after 2 shots!! I barely even remember the night!! Not at all normal for me!)

8 dpo - BBT 97.9 had VERY vivid dream last night (I can never remember my dreams ESP not this clear!!) right side gums and tooth achy again, lite tugging cramps or twinges, sense of smell DEF heightened (that's on and off though still even), nausea before eating slightly, headache, backache, CM is dry again (feeling like I may be out at this point )': ), runny nose that just won't stop today, tooth aches again at 4pm slightly, cramping and lite twinges on left and right side of ovaries (or ovary area), tiny bit of sticky CM, wiped out after work and going to bed early!!! 

9 dpo BBT 98.3 BFN with FMU on CB Digi ): BB soreness really bad again, sinus headache, vivid dreams last night again (this is getting crazy!!) it was about my Right BB leaking out chunky/greasy/milky milk and that's how I found out I was pregnant - weird!!!!!!!, twinges in lower abdomen still; heaviness/pulling, feel really tired; eyes heavy, Right nipple feels like it's burning! Am I imagining this!?, woke up from 3 hour nap (got plenty of sleep last night!!), could smell step DD eating chips from across the room  and cat litter box although it hasn't been used in hours!!, sharp sudden R BB pain when I touched it L really sore but not as bad as the R one again!, slight waves of nausea throughout the day,  small bouts of hot flashes, and slightly more frequent urination although I haven't drank more than usual I don't think, 3am insomnia and starving which is strange; ate a meal 

10 dpo BBT 98.3 woke up sweating and very hot!, major backache ALL. DAY., BBs still sore but def a lot less than they have been?, nipples are really sensitive though, cervix seems high and soft (I'm not a pro at checking that though) twingy pains continue throughout day, after laying down for an hour or so very still BBT (checked just for the hell of it) was 98.5 DESPITE taking Advil which is a major fever reducer!!, BB pain is coming back strong again (woo!!!! I was worried), 6pm... BFN with FRER, evening I am having slight waves of nausea and HORRIBLE lower backache still Then 10 pm until like 12-1 am I had brownish yellowish pinkish spotting!! OMG IS THAT IMPLANTAtIOn!?!! 

I would just like to say I wish whoever is reading this very sticky baby dust and I hope you get your BFP (and me too!!) soon!! All of you ladies here keep me slightly more same than I would be without this site during my painful TWW...  

11 dpo BBT 98.2 very sore BBs still, heaviness and cramping light still bt for sure noticeable, nausea slightly in the am, and just very wet feeling which is some mowether/slippery/lotiony CM. it is only 3pm and I am planning on testing later tonight:) wish me luck!!!!!!

UPDATE 11dpo -7:05-9ish felt like i had heartburn which i NEVER (almost never ever) get! BFN at 8:30pm... Awesome.. :(

Gassy still, and around 10:30 I had some really sharp pains in my R BB. Made me say ouch. Bottom teeth and gums just started aching a tiny bit again too. Off to bed now! BABY DUST TO ALL