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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

Much better bfp today

Keep going little squidgy you're growing so fast! Af due on sunday and already getting bfp :) think I'm approx 10dpo.

BFP for me

Picture of my faint bfp from this morning

First IUI starting my TWW

Hello! First, I guess I should give some background. I’m 39 and have endometriosis. I’ve never been pregnant before and honestly, we’ve only been trying for a couple years. My husband has a 13 year old from a previous relationship. When we started trying, I had my blood work done and he did a sperm analysis. He’s fine and my blood work came back great. We saw a fertility specialist about a year and a half ago. He wanted to jump straight to IVF. We do not have any infertility insurance coverage. IVF was just not an option then, and isn’t now either. So, we decided to “let go let God”. That didn’t work. Today I had my first IUI. I used chlomid CD 3-7 and today is CD 12. I had a positive ovulation test yesterday. We are using my regular Obgyn, not a fertility specialist (due to lack of insurance coverage). All I’ve used is chlomid. No trigger shot, no crazy monitoring of blood or US. I know it’s a long shot, but at least we did it! I plan on getting new health insurance in January if iui doesn’t work for us. But for now, we are trying our best with what we have. I pay a fortune for it, you would think it would be better frustrating!! I wait. Has anyone else done iui with only using chlomid? I would love any feedback! I know the wait will drive me nuts, but I’m hoping it goes fast! Baby dust to you all!! xoxo

Seeing lines

Hi everyone, so decided to do a hpt this morning as I might be 10dpo and af is due this coming wknd so potentially only 5 days away. Anyway it was Def a bfn but I swear a can see a vvvv faint positive line on the cb test but nothing on the cheapie dip stick. I know theres nothing to do but wait and test again in a day or two but it's so exciting and don't want to tell dh until its a Definite bfp or bfn. Pretty sure that I've gone line crazy like most women TTC seem to lol why can we not just give ourselves 6 weeks and if no af then do a dd was a surprise so although a missed period for me was alarming I chalked it up to stress then as I started falling asleep on the sofa at 5.30 me and dh decided to take a test to rule out pg and low and behold immediate and incredibly strong bfp. but like i said, I was around 6 weeks just didn't know it at the time! Fast forward 5 1/2 yrs and here I am squinting at tests trying to see lines lol good luck to you all and thanks for reading xx

Possibility of pregnancy

I think I may be pregnant, I’ve been experiencing some signs & symptoms... I already have a 2 yro... so this will be my 2nd child... I had unprotected sex 2 dao (days after ovulation) I’ve been passing frequent bms that have been soft or loose. Slight cramping in abdomen and lower back pain. Along with sleeping just a little more than normal, but I have gotten up earlier a couple days before . Lastly the most recent symptom/sign my bf and I both noticed is my areoals are starting to darken a little bit starting with a dark ring on the outside following the nipple it’s self being a little darker. My exprected period starts in 4 days... could I be pregnant ?

Same Sex Couple- At Home Insemination

Hello! So my wife and I have been married for 2 years now and we have TTC for 3 cycles before with 1 chemical pregnancy being the outcome! Went to a fertility clinic shortly after where they told me I had low progesterone levels and prescribed me progesterone which I was to take vaginally. After that failed attempt and lots of money, we decided to take a break. However, a good friend of ours is willing to help us.. he has 4 kids of his own so I know everything is good on his end. This cycle was our first time trying again after about 9 months. We did at home insemination the day before and 1 dpo. We used preseed and softcups this time rather than syringe. (TMI) I Oed the second time! Twice in one day actually! & Slept with the softcup in on both days! I am also using my progesterone this cycle as well. Currently 2 dpo! Wish me luck!!

Vitex, anyone taken or have information

Started Vitex yesterday after just finding out I had a CP. My periods aren’t that irregular 26-30 days, but I started spotting again after being on BC to regulate which helped for the longest time. Anyways... anything I need to know about Vitex? I’m not on any medication aside from multivitamin but do you have to stop taking it after ovulation? I only ask because I think there’s another all natural supplement maybe the raspberry leaf tea that could mess up implantation, thanks in advance!!!

18dpo BFP... bleeding OPK getting darker

Sooo confused! Got a really nice BFP 16DPO, had about 5-7 light ones before that but not squinters. Then that night (16DPO) started bleeding bright red and continued for 2 days and has really slowed down. It was never as heavy as AF. 17DPO very faint BFP hardly anything. Took a test at 2am today 18DPO very faint line better then 17DPO but... I had very diluted urine and already peed about 1-2 hours before. At 6am I took wondfo OPK that’s all I had after 4 hour hold and they are dark! I took 3, pretty sure equal to control line. Now I have to wait until after work just wanted thoughts or possible similar experiences from anyone, thank you!

Enter the 2WW

So I'll start outright by saying that I highly doubt I will have conceived this month as it's the 1st month trying as well as being under a lot of stress at work and moving home and I have had a bad cold/ear infection this month too so generally not the ideal baby making environment lol Anyway we gave it a good go doing BD every other day from CD5 (8 times so far!) but I took an OPK this morning (CD20) which is the date my app says I should be ovulating and it was negative?!?! I guess apps can be wrong so I'm glad we have BD quite a lot in the last 2 weeks so there should be a good build up (bit gross I know). Could I have already ovulated and just not realised? or am I yet to ovulate? my cycle can be anything from 29 days to 32 days so is quite irregular and makes it difficult to pinpoint ovulating days without using OPK. Also (TMI) with so much BD lately I don't know what is my CM and what is his swimmers lol should we carry on with every other day for this week just to be sure or do you reckon we should just settle in to the dreaded 2WW now? rest up and try to stay positive? Rationally I know that even if we were successful this month it would be way too soon to be experiencing any symptoms but I really do have them all. sore achey boobs, nausea, fatigue, bloating (although I've lost 1lb this week), food aversions....PMS or PG? so excited to find out. I think it's just my body gearing up for AF (or baby) but not an actual sign of PG. 11 days and counting until I can POAS and we both can't wait ...he even went and brought a couple of tests so we had them ready for when the time comes bless him. thanks for reading everyone, looking forward to reading your comments :) xx

TWW buddies? Menopur cycle

Any TWW buddies on here? I did menopur, trigger, IUI. Now 2dpo, would love to have someone to chat with on the same schedule, or even if not :-)