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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Trying-to-Conceive Blog

If you’re anything like me, you’re reading everything you can get your hands on when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Thank goodness for the Internet – I don’t know how anyone got pregnant before the advent of personal computing….

We have a place here on TWW for ladies to tell their BFP stories, as well as a spot for submitting their symptoms to determine if they might be pregnant. We have a wonderful TTC community where you can get valuable support and ask questions. But until now, we didn’t have a spot for the detailed monologue of your trying to conceive experience.

Introducing the Two Week Wait Trying-to-Conceive Blog. This is where you can create your very own blog of your TTC experience—every detail, blow by blow. Note that you’ll need to create an account with us first in order to create your blog. It’s free, of course. That’s how we roll here at TWW.  *there is a 24 hour waiting period on new accounts before you'll be able to start posting to your new blog.  In the meantime, have a look around and get to know the site!

Happy blogging!

Part 2

Add to the list:

Extreme gass

Lots if creamy cm

Cramps that radiate into my loins


If I was really in the tww this would be driving me nuts and it is only 3dpo.

I had all of this except irritability (I think) before my bfp with my toddler, but it didn't start until about 6dpo.

Hormones can be so cruel. Two weeks of pms is just too much.


Fake pregnancy symptoms

It is far too easy to imagine small changes to be pregnancy symptoms. My chances of being pregnant are about the same as for snow in July in the northern hemisphere and that's a good thing, or I'd be driving myself crazy. From 1dpo I've had nausea, tiredness and irritability. Could be pms, but about 1,5 week early. The nausea I don't usually get, but I had it before af some years ago and it could also be a tummy bug. It would be so easy to obsess though. :)

Cycle 1-DPO

CD 1-29/11

CD 8-end of AF

CD 14-19- cramping, dull pelvic aches, O pain

CD 19-O day. DTD. late O for me, but its the first cycle after post partum recovery. AF was 4 days later than normal so an O on cd 19 is about on target with an O CD 13-15, which is my normal timing.

1 DPO-DTD. lots of O crampinG on both sides. gassy and bloated. Body aches, but most likely from DTD and the gym. EWCM

2 DPO-fatigue, more O pain and cramping, constipation-normal, acne. Breasts feel heavy. This was one of the early signs with my first pregnancy in June. Creamy cm

3 DPO- knees hurt, neck hurts, back hurts. Thinking its from sitting too long in office chair. Right pelvic pain, dull ache. Pooped for the first time in days -normal. Going to pee a lot, not normal. gas-normal. Creamy cm. lots of vivid dreams. I only had this symptom well into the first tri with first pregnancy. Breasts feel heavy again. insomnia

4 DPO-knees, neck,back, hurt again. Again, i think its from sitting a lot at work.same right pelvic pain. Insomnia. Felt a pulling in my uterus before i got into the shower. But it is a sensation ive felt from time to time after the fibroid surgery i had in april. My fingertips were really blue and veiny during the day. Boobs heavy again. And I had a big blue vein over my left boob. My boobs actually started to look like they did in the first trimester. creamy cm

5 DPO-insomnia last night. feeling the pelvic aches come on as the day progresses. There are a lot of bubbles and little knocks, movement going on in there. Cervix was low, medium firmness and medium opennes.

6 DPO-knees, neck, back and body aches again. Struggled at the gym. Had a biut of dizziness towards the end. Short bouts of nausea. Right pelvic aches on and off. Vivid dreams persistent. Started sildentail 50 mg a day for uterine lining. CF- creamy lotion like

7 DPO-right pelvic aches continued, ravenous. Lower back ache, lots of pulling and pinching in pelvic area. Boobs and nips tingling. Not painful just a tingling. Fatigued. Took two naps and still went to bed at 10! CF- creamy lotion like  

8 DPO- fatigued again. Feeling run down. Ravenous. knocks and feelings of pressure in my abdomen. Tingly nips. Cf wavering between creamy and watery. 

9 DPO- bad lower back pains. tinglping in boobs changing to sharp pains off and on in one boob. Heavy boobs. Knocks, twinges and pulls in abdomen. Right dull aches continuing

10 DPO- tingling/sharp pains in boob off and on. Pulling pressure in pelvic area. sometimes feels like a tickle from the inside. Felt a sensation of pressure in my abdomen around 830pm. in the evenjng, cf started to fluctuate between thin/non-existent to lotion to watery. heartburn for the first time all cycle. Super hungry into the night.  

11 DPO-insomnia last night and exhausted during the day. Tried to sneak a nap at work. Right pelvic aches increasing, but not AF cramp like. Sudden onslaught of nausea at 430, as convinced for about 5-10 min I was gonna barf. boobs gettjng heavier thru out the day and sharp pains. A thick glob of thick yellow cf around same time as nausea. Was convinced it was AF. Insatiably hungry. Decided I'm gonna test tomorrow using clear blue digital week predictor!!!  

12 DPO- BFN with a clear blue digital weeks predicor test. During my first preg earlier this year I only did blood tests. My first test on 11DPO mid day was 18.30 mlu. Only on cd 14 did I get up to 98 mlu. based on that if I had late implantatio, the clear blue, which has a sensitivity of 25 mlu, would not pick up hcg just yet so I may be testing too early? Still no sign of AF. Hungry. Tired, need a nap, heavy breasts. cery dry and irritated eyes.

13 DPO- BFN with Internet dip strip. Spotting started 2 hours later. Here's to next cycle! i plan on doing the SMEP, and using preseed in addition to my current sups!

2018 or bust!

Gearing up for our FET in February. Just started bcp and hopefully my 2nd to last AF for a long while. Trying to get all my ducks in a row over these medications has been a little frustrating! I'm working against a national shortage of progesterone, but I found a pharmacy that has an approved synthetic I'm going to order, because most other places are just like "yeah not sure what you're going to do". How are doctors handling this, I wonder? I mean, it's kind of necessary... Anyway, hopefully I can procure the alternative this week. And I'm fighting it out with Walgreens over the Lupron with GoodRx coupon, which will save like $400. I'm really appreciative of all the tips you experienced FETers have given me. It is helping, slowly but surely! 

I hope 2018 holds good things for all of you. I've been hoping "next year" was my year for too many to count, and I'm hopeful this time is the last. Wishing you all things merry and bright. ♡

Well this sucks...

I went in for an US at 11 AM yesterday and the whole process took about an hour, but they wouldn't say much I guess b/c they aren't allowed. Anyway the Doctor came and talked to us and said they didn't see anything in my uterus...not even a gestational sac. Then they admitted me to the ER with a suspected Ectopic. After many hours they sent me home in limbo(not their fault, but it sucked not knowing what was going to happen even though I kind of knew.) My HCH was only 267.1. They weren't sure if it was going up very slowly or had gone up and now was on it's way back down. So they sent me home and said come back Friday and we'll check it again and go from there.

I started bleeding at 3:45 AM this morning, so I have my answer. I have all sorts of emotions going on right now ranging anywhere from anger, confusion, and sadness to thankfulness that it wasn't another ectopic. This is going to take some time to recover from for sure, but I am ready to try again already. I want to feel a baby grow inside me so bad!

9 dpo, bfp or is this still trigger?

I am 9dpo and 11dpt (days past trigger) I took a test a cpl days ago and they both were negative so I thot the trigger was out my system. Now I'm not sure if this is the trigger in my system still. I was on 100mg of clomid then trigger and IUI. Any thoughts?? Does anyone see a faint 2nd line?

Am I pregnant?

ok I believe I ovulated (going by my CM) on around dec 6 or 7 and BD on the 7th just once..literally the next day I felt almost like a fullness inside if that makes sense with lots of creamy white CM for about 6 days which never happens to me.  It almost felt like as if I had a tampon in. Then two days ago, i can still slightly feel it but not as strong and now the CM is a little less but white and milky looking but still creamy.  Plus I’m so tired, took two naps yesterday because i couldnt keep my eyes open and had one vivid dream. Im also constipated and having mild cramping but maybe thats the constipation idk. and yesterday and once today so far two different things that I ate tasted off to like nothing and the other sorta like perfume.  Haven’t really been nauseous yet, no dizzyness yet.  I seem to have been hungry at dinner last night and maybe two hours after breakfast today too but thats been it for that symptom so far.  I took a cheap pregnancy test (one that tests at 25miu) last night but it was negative :( I know its still early (8dpo yesterday) but I couldnt help myself.  period would be due the 21st or 22nd I believe.  What do you guys think?

TTC #2 and going crazy during my TWW!

So I have an almost 2yo daughter but I made some mistakes and lost custody of her when she just turned 9 months. Needless to say I was absolutely devastated! Well I am finally about to get her back in about 2 weeks! So I decided I’m ready to start trying for #2 since it could take some time. So I had AF 11/27 and I OV On 12/9 . I BD on 12/8 and 12/10. I’ve been tracking my cycles and my CM and I know I OV on 12/9 or 12/10 because I had OV pain. So now I’m on CD 18 and 5DPO today. I’m trying to ignore the symptoms because I know its to early. But really all I’ve had is dull cramps usually a few times a day. I ordered 25 Wondfo HPTs that will be here tomorrow and I think I’ll try to wait to test until 10 DPO. But will probably cave and start testing early since the tests are so cheap. Baby dust to all!

More health things

Tuesday I went for my mri. It was a doddle, I almost fell asleep. I'll get the results the 22nd. I'm cautiously optimistic. Also nice that the procedure does not do any damage to developing eggs. Not that I'll be trying for some months, but it is still good to know.

For some unrelated issues I also have to have an echocardiogram and a dexa for bone density. Fingers crossed they don't find anything bad.

I've also bought some maca to try. Apparently it helps to balance hormones, without any hormonal action. Which appealed to me, since my 1 time trying vitex was a nightmare.

On top of that I am trying to get my weight up to 55 kilo. I think I'll include a breakfast bar/sports bar and yoghurt drink in my diet from now on, since breakfast is definitely my weak point.

And more relaxing :)

13DPO and confused

Hello I will try to e as detail as possible I am 13DPO af due today but no sign of her or pregnancy symptoms. My last af was November 22 I ovulated cd8 conformed with cm opk and bbt I had cramps on 9DPO with a temp dip on 10DPO followed by a rose on 11dpo I also had lightning crotch at 10DPO. I been feeling really fatigued since 9DPO and that the Only symptom I’ve been having the cramps stopped but my temps are still elevated they decreased today by .02 and watery lotiony cm I test today and bfn.. I NEED HELP can someone shed some light!?