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BFP after AF (Heavy bleeding and severe cramps) *******UPDATE*****

******WE'RE HAVING TWINS!!!!!!!!********* Measuring 6w 5d we saw the 2 lil beans (It was actually 2 holes in my uterus lol). Sonogrammer said the cramping and bleeding made sense as some mothers who carry twins experience this early on! Back for another scan in 2 weeks (this i so exciting). we're absolutely shocked (but i had a sneaky feeling i was carrying 2 cus my symptoms made no sense lol) Just to let u know my fatigue is the same, my hair has stopped falling out (feels lush and thick), my boobs have quadrupled, i have to pee every 1 hour and eat every 2 hours and i look HUGE! Also have waves nausea. Thanks everyone for reading and following. I pray you all get that much wanted BFP :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just want to thank this forum, as I'm a regular stalker and symptom spotter hehe. This is for all the GES's (Google Every Symptom-ers) and those who've had a bleed and thought it was their period. Bleeding accompanied with severe cramps that had me running to A&E thinking I was dying. When I went, the doctors couldn't find the cause and sent me home. Next day I had a scan and nothing was found in my uterus, just blood clots. This was the day my AF was due which was 16th June. FINALLY after 2 weeks of insanity (i convinced myself that either I had fibroids, tumors or an unknown illness but i deffo wasnt preggo) I got my BFP on FRER. FAINT line but still pretty much there! Ive had 3 miscarriages and 1 successful pregnancy. The weird thing is im pregnant around the same time, I was 3 years ago! So I tracked ovulation according to Ovia Fertility and Period Tracker. But Ovia Fertility was wrong based on CM so according to Period Tracker I ovulated on 2nd June. Here goes ladies. I DTD on 27, 28, 30, 4 & 5th June. Honestly guys I didn't think i was in for a chance Cus we didn't DTD on ovulation day. SYMPTOMS I DIDN'T HAVE: metallic taste, sore/sensitive nipples, stuffy nose, migraines, severe boob ache, frequent urination, vomiting. 1DPO: happy, tight muscles and joint pain. WATERY CM. 2DPO: +sex drive, cramps, bloated stomach, heavy feeling in uterus, nausea, gassy, backache, throat feels swollen, felt really tired, cramps, EWCM. 3DPO: +sex drive, frequent urination, backache, pelvic pain and cramps, bloating (cant suck belly in), extremely tired (had 2 naps, never do that), boobs feel really full (normally feel like this a day before AF), SCHOOL GLUE CREAMY CM. 4DPO: happy, +sex drive, cramps, gassy, backaches, extremely tired (eyes feel heavy), LOTS OF CREAMY WHITE CM. 5DPO: still tired! 6DPO: bloated (belly feels hard), gassy (gas masks needed), boobs feel humongous, stomach feels really heavy, lots of cramps, LUKEHORRA, STRINGY, YELLOW/BROWN CM (in abundance, I literally wet myself with CM). 7DPO: woke up feeling like I peed myself there was WATERY CM, vagina is itchy and swollen inside, CM LOOKS YELLOW/GREEN, think Im getting an infection. AF cramps, feeling really tired, acid reflux. 8DPO: AF cramps, moody, SCHOOL GLUE CREAMY YELLOWISH CM. 9DPO: AF cramps which is normal, boobs don't hurt as much which is unusual normally boobs feel heavy, SCHOOL GLUE CM. 10DPO: happy, calm (unusual normally PMS takes over around this time Im in a stinking mood), hot flashes, +sex drive, gassy, bloated (cant suck belly in&it's hard), sharp pain in uterus, cramps like AF, backaches, fatigue (tired after day out), back aches, slight nausea, face feels hot, flutters in stomach twinges and pinches, SCHOOL GLUE CM (smells FISHY like AF TMI SORRY). I FEEL PREGNANT, I just know i am! 11DPO: happy, calm (no PMS which i usually get) burning like cramps in hips and uterus, boobs hurt near armpits & feel full & heavy (normally they hurt a lot more), feel exhausted, kicks & flutters in stomach (feels like world war 3 in there), CREAMY THICK YELLOW CM. 12DPO: woke up and thought i peed myself. Bed had a wet patch ran to bathroom and found CLOUDY CM, dizzy, bloated, backaches, extreme fatigue (unusual), so hungry had 6 meals! My urine is fluorescent and STINKS. 13DPO: lots of CREAMY CM outside vagina (normally I have to stick finger in), Vaginal canal feels weird, feels tighter. I don't ever get this much CM before period. Getting happy. Could it be? Extremely hungry and tired, cant stop eating and sleeping. POAS BFN ; - ( 14DPO: AF DUE, Im absolutely bloated. I tell DH im pregnant (i just felt preggers) pink spotting that turns brown (normally have full blown period), later in evening bleeding is heavier, get severe cramps in stomach (felt like last miscarriage), rush to hospital. Nothing found, negative pregnancy test. Blood only soaked 1 pad which is weird. Blood is bright red not like AF at all and doesnt smell fishy like AF. Doctor checked vagina and couldn't see any blood coming out so don't know where the blood is coming from. BLOOD CLOT in pad the size of a ping pong ball. 15-17DPO: bleeding never gets heavier, turns into pink spotting, still bloated, hot flashes, extremely tired (need 2 naps a day). I've never felt like this EVER. I normally have a 5 day period that is heavy for 3 days and Im never bloated or tired or hungry. DS randomly comes hugs me and kisses my belly saying 'you got baby in your belly'. POAS BFN ; -( 18DPO-26DPO: extreme fatigue (cant stay awake past 9,cant get out of bed till 10am, need to nap in afternoon and evening), sciatica pain (weird, I got this in my other pregnancy but miscarried) lower back pain (cant bend down), round ligament pain (sharp shooting pain in uterus and stomach) cramps (I never cramp after AF). EWCM that turned LOTION LIKE that turned CREAMY, with days of YELLOW/BROWN discharge. Also had bleeding on 20DPO that was bright red. Extremely hungry and urine still smells foul and is yellow despite drinking lots of water. Nauseous and dizzy. Feel like I have a UTI. POAS ON 5 ebay cheapies BFN with one super faint (if I angle correctly in the right light). 27DPO: watching Toy Story with DS and start crying uncontrollably when the boy goes to college and leaves his toys behind. Green veins in right boob, dizzy, hungry but not as tired, back ache has eased off. Decide to POAS, nothing shows. Get annoyed put in bin, take it out 5 mins later and Theres a faint line. Scream around the house, cry hysterically and thank God immensely! All in all, the prominent symptoms were the severe fatigue, lack of PMS, bloating (right now i look 4 months pregnant), lack of heavy bleeding and just feeling pregnant. It was different this month, I was broody with DS kept looking at his baby pics. It was just a weird yet exhilarating month! I hope this helps anyone who thinks they're pregnant even if they have a 'period'. All praise is due to God, honestly I just prayed so much this cycle. Praying that you all get your BFP's soon! And sorry for the long post I wanted to be thorough : -)
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Congratulations! That is wonderful!

yay congratulations!! i have a question for you. here it goes... af was supposed to show up on cycle day 35 july 1st or 2nd... but she didn't. i was cramping on cycle day 32 june 27 i thought af was coming but nope not even a drop of blood. i have taken 8 pregnancy tests and all came out (-) :( idk what's going on down there. i feel these weird slight twinges on my abdominal on and off. i have a doctor's appointment on wed. but yea again congrats on your bfp AND  omg ur having twins? wow, u are so blessed! luckiest woman on earth. happy 9 months to you my friend. 

That is awesome!!!! Congratulations!!

congratz on your bfp!!! H&H 9months

Hey iwannabeamommy2, i felt the exact same and the place i had the twinges is where my babies implanted. Trust your intuition,if you feel something is off go to your doctors or book with epu. They are there for a reason hun. Another thing i took a Superdrug test after i wrote this post and it was BFN! I panicked called EPU, they booked me in. I honestly thought it was over for me. Ive never cried so much in my life, but when they scanned me, they saw both strong hearts beats! Goes to show sometimes that HPT are not ALWAYS accurate. Get some blood work done hun. Im praying for ya :-) 

Thankyou FurBabyMomma, HopefullMommy, and Sno818, for your well wishes! :-) 

Wow, what a journey! Congratulations!!

Congratulations!!!!  And thank you for sharing all this, it has given me HOPE.  I've had bleeding w/clots, BFN at 20dpo, but lots of pg symptoms.  Best wishes for you and your babies!!!

Congratulations !!!!just want to know how are you doing and thanks for sharing. It has given me hope, Have a happy and healthy 9 months.

That's really great to be mother of twins, I think you are enjoying your mothering phase. Congrat's for 9 month journey.  I'm happy that you are alert to your monthly period tracker, which is good. You may also use menstrual cup to stay relax and calm during your period days check some cups from

Thank you for giving me hope! I know this post is old, but it's still here years later. I wonder how many others this has been the case for, hoping for me as well. I'm curious as to how the pregnancy went and how the twins are doing.

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