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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

I still can't believe it!!!

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant on our own 5 years. We did 2 rounds of IUI with clomid 3 years ago and we got a BFN each time. I'm 38 years old and we decided to see if there was anything new out there for us to try. I figured, this would be our last attempt to get pregnant and then we can move on with our lives. Never in a million years did I think that we would get pregnant on our first round of IUI with Fermera. After our first attempt with clomid three years ago I decided to get my hormones check by a different doctor in Seattle, WA. (we live in AZ) When I got my results I found out I was deficient in a lot of areas and even if the egg did fertilize I would have never had the correct hormones to actually carry the pregnancy. I was put on supplements for almost 2 years and then we decided to do an IUI on June 11th. Here is my story: June 11th we did our first IUI at 10:30. My ovaries were super sore before and after the procedure. The procedure it's self was a little painful. Came home to relax and I was still experiencing sharp pains like ovulation pains. Every time I would walk or sit my ovaries would hurt. We came home and had sex that night. 1DPIUI....I was less in pain. Went to the lake and than came home and got a really bad headache. Had sex that night on the 12th. Took progesterone cream and went to bed. the morning a few bubbles in my ovaries so far. 10:38 felt sharp pains in my left ovary. Before that on my right. 2:39 sharp pain on my left ovary. 2:54 more sharp pains in my left ovary. 4:12 another sharp pain on my left side. 8:41 took a shower and blew my nose and had some blood. Still bloated. 3dpiui took shower blew my nose and there was blood. 6:07 got a sharp pain on my left side. 12:04 sharp pain. 4dpiui feeling emotional sent hubby a mushy text. Slight cramping. 5dpiui tired this morning not really hungry things taste off. Feel some pressure in my left ovary. 6dpiui my lower back aches on my left side. 7dpiui not much to report just got dizzy a few times. 8dpiui left cramping snapped at c during breakfast. Happened the day before as well. Cramps are becoming more towards the end of the day on the left side 9dpiui back left side pain. Took a test bfn. Feeling sad and I'm not bloated anymore. Couple weird feelings in my vagina so I'm getting ready for af to come and to do another round of iui. 10dpiui not much but I had pain in my right leg. Couldn't put weight on it. Got a zit on my collarbone which is weird. 11dpiui a little cramping but nothing more. 12dpiui took a test and got a faint line. Praying that it's a bfp. Went and had a blood test and it came back BFP. I'm still in shock and can't believe we are actually pregnant. I'm 5 weeks 4 days today and still got a long road to go. I'm having cramps on and off since I found out and I'm hoping all goes well...Been bloated ever since... Ladies don't give up hope...I'm glad we didn't and we are beyond blessed. Baby Dust to ALL.


wow! thanks for the encouragement! good luck and congrats!!!

congratulations dear

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