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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

It is BFP after 8 months of try

Hi all, I am from India, I have beautiful 14 year old daughter. I am touching my 37th birthday this Jan and really wanted to share my story with you all. Me and My husband Trying to conceive our second baby since 8th months after removing IUI. Mine is 28-29 regular cycle. It was all negative negative for 3 months; I was frustrated. We then decided to meet Fertility specialist after 3 months of trying naturally and seeking advise from gyn. Fertility specialists advised from blood tests, after blood tests reports all came normal however with AMH as 0.325 and fertility specialist said it is ok for my age and put me on multivitamins and folic acid for a month.. again BFN..Doctor put me on clomid 100 mg from my CD2 to CD 5 straight away along with Folic acid and multivitamins. Went for alternate days scans and confirmed 2 big eggs of 21 & 23 in size in my right ovary.. Took a HCG 10000 units and ovulated too. doctor confirm about egg rupture. as per doctor advise, doctor advised me to take progesterone 100 mg twice a day..we dated too..lot of symptoms like nausea, sore b**bs and minor cramps.. uff all these symptoms disappeared after 8 DPO. Started testing on HPT after 10 DPO, again BFN, 12 DPO BFN, 14 DPO BFN.. light spotting when wiped in toilet paper. next day spotting increased 16DPO it stopped. 17-19th DPO spotting rather darker.. called doctor office and visited.. Doctor did UPT again BFN, doctor asked me to stop progesterone, next day AF started. It was very disappointing..
Asked doctor should I start next cycle of clomid, she said to try naturally this cycle and clomid only on subsequent cycle. Came back home and lost the hope and I almost decided I am happy with my only daughter. I stopped all medicines. dated everyday before during and after ovulation. 2 DPO stomach cramps no other symptoms, 3 DPO Cramping increases, 4 DPO cramping increases no other symptoms continued till 8 DPO, slightly light headed and lot of mood swings. 9 DPO slightly tendered b**bs. checked HPT BFN.. 10DPO symptoms continues. 11 DPO took test again.. checked for results within 2 mins BFN.. I kept quite in loo for 5 mins and about to throw strip but noticed a faint pink line.. I ignored it as I thought line appeared after 5 mins. all my symptoms continues and stomach cramps increases. 13DPO took test again within 2 mins pink line comes up and turns BFP. Planning to meet doctor after a week.
Ladies, don't lose hope. believe in god and be stress free..
Good Luck Ladies


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