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CD11-CD13 had O pain with Pinkish Glob CM and then brown discharge following 2 days...So I had to have O'D in that timeframe. Since then, CD20 now, and I have had these symptoms:
*Developed a Cold over the weekend
*Woke up with 2 cold sores, which in the past never got them but only with my last pregnancy>
*Was very moody(like lashing out) on Valentines day and for no reason at all. Just everything irritated me.
*Insomnia, cant sleep to save my life
*THIRSTY! like cant stop drinking
*Hot flashes
*Cramps for days!
*Very Tired, Like went to bed at 8:30 last night and napped multiple times yesterday
*Nipples were sore for 4 days straight. As well as pain under my armpit
*pain around my belly button, like pulling sensations???
*Cervix is very high, but feels like the tip of your nose, not really hard, but not soft. Its Closed and Creamy CM.
*Urine is yellow with a strong smell (hubby said last night he could smell it outside the bathroom)
*Gassy (TMI, but its an issue. as well as very CONSTIPATED :(
*Heart Palpitations...My Heart rate was 98bpm yesterday(FITbit BLAZE) while I was laying in bed and you could actually see it beating...Crazy!
Even though this is not my first rodeo, I never was trying to get pregnant with my others, but this time I am and I have become a symptom spotter... everything has become a sign to me :)

I want to test but don't want to be disappointed ! LMS: 01/27/2017

Am I Pregnant?


CD21 today and really no symptoms other than tired, stuffy nose, fever blisters got worse over night, vivid dreams last night, and Creamy CM with closed medium cervix. Today is my Annual Pap and so I might suggest a blood test.

CD22 Cold has gotten worse! Last night I woke up around midnight having to pee which is rare. I normally dont use the bathroom unless its when my alarm goes off at 5:00am. Had some cramping this morning again. Cold Sores will not go away!

Still no BFP yet...but CM is still little to none (creamy tho), cervix is still closed as far as I can tell. Still have Rhinitis (horrible runny/stuffy nose, sneezing and coughing, but mucus is CLEAR so no infection) Back pressure, leg cramps, pain in groin area(Weird), very fatique. Still tired all the time. 11dpo...

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