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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 1st round of clomid!!

I cannot believe I am actually writing my BFP story!! My DH and I have been trying to concieve baby #3 for almost 4 years. I was given clomid to start in April. Well after one cycle I got my BFP!!

CD 16 - Confirmed O day
1 dpo - sore bubs ( normal for me post o), gassy, very bloated - think it's from the clomid
2 dpo - Bbs sore, very light cramping, backache .. Bloating went down a little gassy, breaking out, headache
3 dpo - Boobs sore, nausea, headache , sharp pain left ovary for a second
4 dpo - Boobs sore, headache, crampy , bloating, back ache
5 dpo - Headache, nausea, sore boobs
6 dpo - Sore boobs and headache, fatigue
7 dpo - Sore boobs, pain left ovary, nausea
8 dpo - Brownish CM am, sore boobs very slight cramping am - more like aching. Blood tinge CM afternoon - start thinking this is implantation???
9 dpo - can't sleep.. Get up at 4 am and take test. A faint line?? No?? Really??
10 dpo - BFP fmu!! And several tests since to confirm!! Go to doc today for blood work!

I will say I think some of my symptoms during my TWW may have been clomid side effects. But DH and I are over the moon!!


Thats awesome, congrats!!! xoxo

Was this your first time using preseed?



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