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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Just want to know!!!!

Hello ladies...and possibly gents.


I'm 8 DPO. I'm going crazy. I just want to know. I have a dentist appoinment tomorrow (Just talking with them) I just wanna know!! I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's been a long wait for my hubby and I trying to concieve. 

My younger sister just had a baby. So being a auntie I've been looking at baby stuff. (Cool monitor systems, awesome cribs/playpens) All I can think of is "I would really love this stuff for our little one"....IF it ever happens.

 DPO I said "IF" we ever have kids the other day and hubby got all crazy. He wants a baby....I do too.....Ugghhhhh.

8 DPO. My symptoms are somewhat similar to AF coming... I think. 

Sore the right one hurts pretty bad. The left one is starting to hurt. I've had minor headaches, nothing much to think about, no cramps, less achne that's pretty awesome. Constipation. I think that might be my vitamins. Unsure. Trying to wait till this weekend. It's only Tuesday. :( My CM has been pretty sticky this whole time. Normally it starts to get watery by day 7 or so. So I'm waiting for the change. 

Unsure if it's a sign, but my back (top, bottom, middle) has been pretty achy. I think I might be sleeping strangly, Or its sitting all day at work. 

I feel like I have an excuse for everything. I don't want to get my hopes up and see only a single line. 



Sounds like you have some symptoms, hope they turn into your bfp!