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Newbie at 8 dpo, ttc 4 months

Hi ladies! This is month 4 of regular every other day BD, and month 1 using OPKs. Background, I'm 25 and DH is 28, we have one beautiful baby girl (14 months). I'm literally driving myself insane and looking for some support (mostly to help me pass this loooong tww!) Below are symptoms i have been experiencing, and i swear if I'm not pregnant right now then I AM insane! Been stalking this site for the last month, and i feel like I've done my due diligence! On to the good stuff: June 8th and 9th- had +opks (dtd 3 times) o - slight yellow creamy cm, nothing else to note 1dpo - heartburn (I occasionally get this), mild period like cramps, had shortness of breath for around half an hour. Weird, I was driving... 2dpo - incredibly tired, napped for about 2 hours with my toddler, had a really vivid dream about my dad. Slight cramps, nothing noteworthy 3dpo - hungry all day, couldn't get enough to eat. Weird cramps, more like a pressure that rolled from my low back to low front (almost like constipation but I had normal bm) increased urination (all the time. Super unusual for me) no cm. 4dpo -same, but had small amount of tinted yellow cm. Another super vivid dream. Had to make a phone call to make sure everyone wad ok! 5dpo - still urinating way to often (but im sooo thirsty! ), no cm, these cramps are really starting to bother me, almost feels like when my hips were spreading at the end of my last pregnancy, and (this is the weird one!!) Started having this pressure in my bbs, like i wad having let downs (stopped bf 4 months ago), had at least one an hour. No pain, just let downs. Also, is out 5 o clock yeast, cuz I'm going to fall asleep at my desk. 6dpo - went to Dr for possible kidney infection, this pressure is just too much and I'm going all the dang time (no pain, burning, other uti symptoms) . Very faint positive on test, but dr said it didn't make sense with symptoms, sent to lab for testing and gave an antibiotic just in case. Said pain should clear by (today) at the latest. no cm. Exhausted! 7dpo - hungry, still have sane pressure, still going, those nice tingly let down feelings are getting more painful. No cm. So so tired. 8dpo - same pressure but it's coming and going now, definitely not gone like the doc promised. tingles in Bbs are getting more painful. No cm. My heart has also been reading and the shortness of breath is back. Fatigued all day, like, my body wad tired but my mind wanted to go. Thoughts? Is tomorrow too early to test?? Going crazy here! Thanks; )
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More symptoms! The fatigue continues,  I almost threw up when I smelled the coffee brewing in the breakroom, and this weird pressure in my lower back is the worst (negative lab results on that infection..) so bloated I can't button my pants, and no libido in the house. 9dpo had a negative on a frer but today (10dpo) got a bfp on both the internet cheapie and frer!!

I didn't have any symptoms DPO with my first and found out 3 days after missed AF. I have having some similar and some different symptoms as you. Today is my 8DPO and got a BFN.1DPO--cramps like AF but more mild, woke up with a semi-severe stiff neck (thought maybe I just slept on it wrong but have read other possibilities...?), normal creamy CM, vivid dreams2DPO--stiff neck, more creamy CM, 3 large acne spots that don't normally happen until right before AF, vivid dreams3DPO--stiff neck getting better, same ance, CM drying up. vivid dreams4DPO--stiff neck gone, same acne, CM gone, vivid dreams5DPO--I was making brunch and got the shakes before eating. It almost felt as if my blood sugar was low but I am not diabetic., felt hungry, no CM, after large dinner felt flutters in abdomen similar to baby kicks (strange feeling), felt dizzy a few times, acne not going away6DPO--acne starting to go away, dizzy spells, tired early afternoon but nothing too severe, more flutters7DPO--noticed my nipples were very sensitive to the touch, pulling/tugging feeling in stomach, more flutters (especially after eating), sexual desire increased, bloating, yellow-ish CM when wiping, wet feeling down below, dizzy spells, acne almost gone, insomnia 8DPO--very early morning AF cramps that woke me up but not terribly painful (lasted an hour or two), yellow-ish creamy CM, sore nipples to touch, couldn't resist and took $tore test--BFNCongrats! Hoping for a BFP for me soon!

Good luck! I will say that having been pregnant before I did have a pretty good idea pretty early on. Going to the doc next week,  I keep testing and I'm nervous my line isn't dark enough, going to drive myself crazy! 

Update, this pregnancy ended at 5 weeks :(

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