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TTC dpo symptoms

Hello! TIA for your help! DH and I have been TTC for about 3 months now. This month, unless I am crazy and just creating them in my head, I am having pretty strong symptoms starting at 1DPO. I have an 18 month old beautiful daughter that was a small surprise and I didn't notice any symptoms until 3 days past missed AF. I am now 8DPO and would appreciate any input on the symptoms that I am have so that I feel a little more sane! The TWW is taking foreverrrr!!! Thank you!

1DPO--cramps like AF but more mild, woke up with a semi-severe stiff neck (thought maybe I just slept on it wrong but have read other possibilities...?), normal creamy CM
2DPO--stiff neck, more creamy CM, 3 large acne spots that don't normally happen until right before AF
3DPO--stiff neck getting better, same ance, CM drying up
4DPO--stiff neck gone, same acne, CM gone
5DPO--I was making brunch and got the shakes before eating. It almost felt as if my blood sugar was low but I am not diabetic., felt hungry, no CM, after large dinner felt flutters in abdomen similar to baby kicks (strange feeling), felt dizzy a few times, acne not going away
6DPO--acne starting to go away, dizzy spells, tired early afternoon but nothing too severe, more flutters
7DPO--noticed my nipples were very sensitive to the touch, pulling/tugging feeling in stomach, more flutters (especially after eating), sexual desire increased, bloating, yellow-ish CM when wiping, wet feeling down below, dizzy spells, acne almost gone
8DPO--very early morning AF cramps that woke me up but not terribly painful (lasted an hour or two), yellow-ish creamy CM, sore nipples to touch, couldn't resist and took $tore test--BFN

I know it is still early but I just can't help to think that I am pregnant. Any ideas? TIA!

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Sounds like a BFP coming soon to me. Acne was one of my first clues that something was off, I never get acne as a PMS symptom. I would take another tomorrow or wait until 10 DPO. I took a test at 8DPO and it was negative. Did one again at 10DPO and had a faint BFP!

I want to know what happened here... was it af or bfp??

So sorry. I tried to stop thinking about getting pregnant for a couple of weeks. I was driving myself crazy. lol. But AF did show. I couldn't believe it. I was so sure something was different. But I guess I was over analyzing and paying way more attention that I normally do. Not sure. However, my next TWW just started. I am 2DPO and actually used OPK this month and did the BD the night before ovulation before DH went out of town that morning. fingers crossed because we only had one chance!

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