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CD 1 :(

Super bummed and in so much pain! It's all in my back, and has been like this for days. I can't walk right or bend at the waist. Couldn't sleep last night, because the pain wouldn't stop. All on the left side. The left ovary is still throbbing like crazy too with twinges of pain. Ovulation this cycle was like this too!

I say all this for the readers, because it is my first cycle since a cp/early mc and I haven't had a painful cycle like this in years!  Just in case someone is searching. I know everyone is different, but be prepared.

Good luck to everyone TTC! I will be staying away for July. I need to relax!


Awww sorry girl. :( was really hopeful for you. Understand the need to step away tho. Best of luck. Xoxo

Thank you!! You too!!

Aww, sorry to hear. Best of luck this cycle!