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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Lucky number 7 mo.

Hi everyone! I'm super stoked to be sharing my BFP experience. This is my first ever positive pregnancy test at age 33. DH is 37 and had a vasectomy reversal in Sept.2016. This is also his first and we are both over the moon with excitement. We cant stop high-fiving each other.
Before this BFP I was having feelings of self doubt. I believed my body could not conceive. Since, at the age of 33 I have never been pregnant, I did not trust my body to do it's job when the time was right for me. And, I find myself with the same feelings after being pregnant. Scared and nervous my body wont hold on to it. I am so excited and frightened every minute. But, I have to remember that I CAN trust my body. It did what it was supposed to do when I was ready.

I have been on prenatals since DH's operation. We've also been taking CoQ10 and drinking some darn healthy smoothies every morning, containing maca-root powder and the Fertily-Greens smoothie mix from the website I do believe this helped us with endocrine systems and our egg/sperm health. We started this regiment 90 days before our BFP. 90 days is exactly how long it takes for your egg health to improve from diet. I cant be certain, but science man...

Anyway, here is what I went through...
-My AF was due Monday June 26th
-By the end of Tuesday I felt like I was getting the flu. Run down, just kind of gross feeling. Like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin.
-At work on Wednesday a co-worker commented on how red my face was. Asking if I got sunburned? Hahah nope. I snapped a selfie and sent it to my Mom and Sis. There was no denying how red I was. I looked it up and I guess it's from blood flow? I blush very easy so I guess it makes sense as a symptom for me.
-By Thursday I was having hot flashes along with my face reddening.
-Friday morning 6am, no period, I knew something was up. I got up quietly while DH was sleeping and peed on a stick, BFP immediately. I thought I would freak out when I first saw that positive test. But, I felt like I wasn't surprised. It was so weird. I think my brain knew, but I didn't want to accept it. I was protecting my feelings. BUT HOLY COW!!!! A couple days later I cried like a baby clutching my tummy and saying thank you, thank you over and over.

Anyway, if you take anything from my story please let it be to TRUST YOURSELF. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. We make humans. Trust your body to create. I love you guys. Baby dust to all. Pray for me and Junior. Hahaha we named the little pod until further notice.


This gives me hope!! We are trying for #3 after my husband being reversed in March. So far no luck here though. A huge congrats to you and your husband!! I've been taking Maca but will have to check out CoQ10 and the smoothies.

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