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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 7 months TTC & a BFN at 11 DPO

DH and I are both 33 and this was our first time TTC. I felt like so many people I knew got pregnant within the first couple months of trying and when that didn't happen for us, I started to get very worried. Now, in hindsight, 7 months feels like nothing and I feel so lucky -- so I wanted to share my story to let others know that there are success stories in this mid-range of TTC!

I got a BFN at 11 DPO and thought I was out -- turns out I was wrong, so do not be deterred by a BFN at 11 DPO or earlier!

Things we did: I used Fertility Friend, took my BBT consistently every morning, laid with my hips elevated for 20-30 mins post-BD (have read this is not necessary, but why not try), and just in this 7th month the one thing we did differently was my DH was careful not to leave his phone in his pocket all day.

CD1-6: Nothing
CD 7: BD
CD 8-9: Nothing
CD 10: Sticky CM.
CD 11: Creamy CM.
CD 12: Creamy CM. Negative OPK.
CD 13: Negative OPK.
CD 14: Negative OPK.
CD 15: BD. Negative OPK.
CD 16: BD. Eggwhite CM. Negative OPK.
CD 17: Eggwhite CM. Positive OPK. I believe this was O day (as did Fertility Friend).

1 DPO: BD. Negative OPK.
2 DPO: BD. Wet CM.
3 DPO: BD. Tender breasts.
4 DPO: Sticky CM. Dizziness.
5 DPO: Nothing.
6 DPO: Sticky CM. No other symptoms.
7 DPO: Creamy CM. Mild cramping.
8 DPO: Creamy CM. Indigestion. Congested / runny nose. Gassy.
9 DPO: Indigestion. Gassy. Mild cramps. Very mild queasiness.
10 DPO: Gassy. Mild Queasiness. Super hungry!
11 DPO: Expected AF around this day (my cycle varies by up to 5 days.) Creamy CM. Bloated. Frequent urination. Took a HPT and it was definitely a BFN. My parents were arriving the next day from out of state and I decided not to test again until they left; also just assumed I was out at this point.
12 DPO: Creamy CM. Sensitive nipples. Gassy. Mild cramps.
13 DPO: Sensitive nipples. Cramps. Bloated. Tender breasts. Waves of dizziness and felt like something was different - don't know how to describe it but was suspicious for the first time that something could be going on.
14 DPO: Bloated. Constipated. Gassy. Had a weird cold spell / chills in the evening.
15 DPO: Creamy CM. Bloated. Constipated. Gassy. Mild cramping. A little dizzy. Mild queasiness.
16 DPO: BFP!!! Didn't take note of any other symptoms I had this day. I got BFPs on two store brand FRER tests this morning. But by the evening, the lines had disappeared! Searched online and got nervous that this might indicate a false positive. Bought a Clear Blue Digital and it was a BFP so I think the morning ones were just not great quality.

This was in May. I am now 12 weeks pregnant with a healthy little one!


Thank you for posting! I'm trying for baby 2 and feeling frustrated that it isn't happening immediately like last time. Stories like yours are really helpful to read.

Congrats! I'm so happy for you. And thank you for posting another story on BFN before BFP at a reasonable dpo. HH9!!! =)

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