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Could it be?

Hi, so me and my partner BD 2-3 days before I ovulated. We used the withdrawal method, and we went a few rounds. I had symptoms the day after: a little nausea, weird cramping but not like AF, sore boobs but mainly one, lower backache most days, and a headache, some food aversions or just not having an appetite and that's about it. I was also diagnosed with a UTI on Sept. 2 I don't know if that's a symptom, and there's also times where I guess I had a lot of cm but mainly I just constant felt wet down there. My biggest concern is my breast though, sometimes my right breast does get sore but at night my left boob is the absolute worst.. I'm 10-11 dpo as of today. I thought it could be something else but I dont know what. I never been pregnant before, but I heard every pregnancy is different. But, I guess as of today right now, currently my left boob is tingling, and very sore while my right boob is sore to touch. Could I be pregnant or is this just PMS?

Am I Pregnant?


I'm not trying to get pregnant, but I wouldn't mind.

Yesterday I started experiencing a something on my left side near my pelvic bone it was like this pulling/pinching feeling. I tested negative Sept. 2, in which I was 8 or 9 dpo. I haven't been having cm just feeling very wet down there and constantly having to go, I'm so bloated I couldn't button my jeans today.. AF comes in 2-3 days and if I miss it I plan to retest then

Curious as to what your outcome on this?

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