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I'm losing my mind.

Hi all!

Quick backstory to this cycle...

TTC 5 years
2 miscarriages 5weeks and 9weeks
Endometrial cancer. PCOS. Anovulation. No periods since April 2014.

6 failed timed BD. 3 failed IUI. 2 failed IVF.

August 18th went for a check up post failed IVF cycle... to everyone's surprise my body was functioning completely normal without the help of any meds. With IVF meds both cycles I only produced 3 follicles. On my own this current cycle I produced 11 with 4 mature follicles. Since we were unprepared for all this random excitement we did a quick IUI on the 22 after surging the 21. We BD the 18th,20,23rd.

I have been keeping track of my symtopms and had spotting and cramping the 30/31 but nothing else.

I have tested 3 times 8dpo,10dpo and 14dpo all negative.

Since I don't have periods it's hard to calculate when I would have a "missed period". Per my lab results hormone level wise I average 35-38 day cycles (with no blood)

As of today I am guessing I am 14/15dpo and 15dpiui - am I a lost cause this cycle? Doc wants to wait till Friday to do blood work - but I guess I'm wondering if women with longer cycles have longer waits to get positive HPT.

Am I Pregnant?


Wow, I have never heard of not having bleeding as a norm. Or did you mean you do bleed but this cycle you did not? Has the doc looking at your lining at all? Have to have a healthy lining in order for the egg to implant. At least you know you can produce follies on your own. I'd like to hear from others as well with longer cycles and less bleeding. Hang in there.

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