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Breastfeeding Mumma...period or pregnant?

Hi lovely mummies, Need some advice. I am breastfeeding my 4 month old son 90% of the time (10% bottle fed). For past few days I have experienced morning nausea, especially when brushing my teeth. Stomach cramps came today, craving for mint sauce, boobs tender, having very vivid dreams recently. Problem is hubby and I use protection. However he comes in naked for a time but for the final showdown (!) wears a condom. Surely I can't be pregnant? Will take a test in the morning but wanted to gauge some opinion on here first. Apologies if this post offends anyone as I'm not actively TTC. However, if I was pregnant I'd be happy about it xxxx

Am I Pregnant?


Pre-ejaculate fluid can contain spermcells. It is not very likely, but not completely impossible to get pregnant that way. For peace of mind maybe take a test.

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