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Could it be POSSIBLE?!?

So, the first day of my last period was August 22nd. My boyfriend and I had sex on September 5th (and he pulled out) and then again on September 7th, which was my actual ovulation date (he did not pull out this time.) It has now been 7 days since ovulation and intercourse. Three days ago I experienced pretty severe cramping most of the day and then it went away. I have had a little bit of discharge this week and have been incredibly bloated the last couple of days. I took a pregnancy test today, but it was Negative. However, my period is not due for 7 more days (the 22nd). I have had more gas than usual all week (gross right) and have super tired. My breasts are not sore, though. But tonight I'm having an uncomfortable "pain" in my pelvic region. I'm so confused! What do you guys think? This would be my first pregnancy. Help!

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Am I Pregnant?


Does the "pain" feel like little air bubbles and th feeling of not being able to suck your stomach in? Because that's what I've been experiencing and seems to be only when I move around a lot..

Could be! Retest when you're 2 or 3 days away from your expected AF with a pink dye test. Could be PMS I have those symptoms every month.

its possible but nothing is for sure .. i have had every symptom this month i was also bloated and gassy this month my menses was also on the August 22 and i ovulated on the 7th of sept. i have have cramping on and off as well and today i have had nausea and shooting pains in my breast. im planning on testing on the 21 since my menses have been consistence 30 day cycles .. i have wrote down every symptom which would lead me to believe i was pregnant but im going to wait it out . i would be 10 dpo and today feels better then the last 9 days so if i was you i would just wait and see and not wreck my brain... but keep us updated

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