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Hey everyone so my and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 months. I had my implanon removed at the end of July. And I started tracking my ovulation. My last period was Sept. 8 to 11. And then we had sex just about every other day after trying to concieve. This last week I have been feeling a pressure like feeling in my lower abdomen and started producing a large amount of discharge ( way more than I have ever had before) and between yesterday and today I have felt nauseous in the am/right when I wake up to from a nap. I am getting light headed easily, have little appetite, and just want to sleep. I took a pregnancy test (the early sign one) and it came out negative. My next period isn't supposed to start till oct. 6th. Any ideas? We have used pre seed lube and the clear blue digital ovulation tests which have came up with high fertility for the last like 9 days.

Am I Pregnant?


I would love to hear everyone's ideas cause I'm clueless!!

It might have been too early to get a positive. Wait a few days and try again.

Please let us know what happens.. Also how quickly did you get a period after having your implanon removed? Did you experience any side effects after having it removed? I got mine out a couple weeks ago and have had nothing but slight spotting a few days afterwards. However we tried the day before removal, and quite frequently since. I feel like I'm symptom spotting.. but about a week after it was removed I started getting really congested, nauseous, my breasts feel really full and they are veiny now which is not normal and has never happened before AF.. I have had cramping on and off but nothing as bad as I get before and during AF. I got a negative result when I POAS, but i think it was too early to test. I haven't properly missed AF yet.

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