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Removed Implanon, No Period Yet, Could I Be Pregnant?

When I removed my Implanon on September 11th, the doctor told me I should have my period in a week. I know it's only September 25th, but I have no AF. I had minor bleeding September 15th and 16th, which after reading some posts on various websites, this leads me to believe it was a withdrawal bleed and not AF. And my bleeds are usually much heavier, I've never bled so little. Which makes me believe it was a withdrawal bleed from the Implanon.

My partner and I had done the deed unprotected the 10th, the 15th (before the bleeding started), the 19th, 23rd and 24th. Now after I've done some reading I have realized the birth control doesn't stay in your system once it's removed. Which the doctor never warned me of.. With no AF I didn't think I could have ovulated yet, but after reading some stories on here where they have said they got a BFP without having AF yet, I'm worried. AF usually comes around the 28th if I get one, Implanon made me highly irregular in that sense. But I never got AF at another time of the month. The doctor telling me I should have gotten one within a week of removal makes me worried, but not too worried since the 28th hasn't come yet. I have some symptoms of pregnancy, but have also read conflicting reports that Implanon removal can give you fake pregnancy symptoms! Everything is so confusing, but I don't want to waste money on a pregnancy test if I haven't technically missed a period according to my body, but according to the Dr, I may have.

I've been nauseous, my breasts have gotten extremely veiny this morning and I have cramping. My pre AF cramping is usually unbelievably unbearable, but this cramping is much more mild.. I'm congested which I have read that can be a sign of pregnancy?! And mild headaches for the last few days.

Am I pregnant or is this just a lovely side affect of Implanon getting out of my system?!


It took nearly 6 weeks for my periods to start after I had my implant removed. Then they were 25 days later, then 30 days before it finally settled back into a standard 28 days. Your body does settle back eventually but there were some pregnancy symptom side effects (very frustrating when ttc!). Fingers crossed for you!

I conceived 17 days after havin mines removed and I never got a period. Are u pregnant

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