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False hope or the real deal?

I’m a 42 yr old late bloomer. Think I might have had a chemical preg a few years ago. Otherwise I’ve had significant endometriosis & really never tried to have kids until about 5 years ago (& that was only off & on). I’m currently 3 days late for a fairly consistent 29 day cycle. Had 5 days of very light spotting 2 weeks ago (light for someone who typically bleeds like a stuck pig). Last weekend I was unbelievably warm to my extremities (no fever). This week I’m nauseated/almost vomiting. Mild period-like cramps. Music sounds notices better than it has in almost 10 years. I’m normally easily agitated & irritable but for the last week I’ve been chill. And I’ve had three days of a metallic taste in my mouth. Negative HPT even this morning I’m sure this is far-fetched for me to be pregnant but any information or advice is appreciated. Oh, & I’m scheduled for my annual obgyn appt tomorrow of all the timing!

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Am I Pregnant?


OBGYN said it’s likely an estrogen fluctuation. Said my uterus is measuring at 22 weeks pregnant (measured at 14 weeks pregnant last year). Could be fibroid related (I already knew I had some). Ultrasound next week. Doubt I’m preggo at this point but his parting words were “Would you be very disappointed if you WERE pregnant?” That’s a little nebulous...

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