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Do you think this is implantation? When to test?

HI there. I'm a newbie. After ttc on & off for several years & never (I repeat never) even getting to the point of ovulation. We started again this month on a hybrid cycle- taking oral femara & injectable Gonal-F. I had mature follicles, I used a trigger shot. We bd twice before ovulating (I was told by my nurse sperm lives inside the vagina for 3 days) but couldn't bd the day of ovulation. So the TWW has been KILLING me. I did test just to make sure the HCG in the trigger shot is out of my system & it is. I got some TERRIBLE very low abdominal cramping about 7DPO, & the next day I had some bad low back pain. No bleeding. I have really had no appetite, nothing sounds good, but I've been very fatigued. I dunno if these are false pregnancy symptoms or if we actually did it. Do you think the lower abd cramping was from implantation? It was VERY uncomfortable & really caught me by surprise. When should I test? I don't know how much longer I can wait. I'm CD 23, & 8DPO now.

Am I Pregnant?


Hey there! I understand exactly how you feel! Im only aboit 5dpo and the suspense is killing me. Hubby and I have been ttc for a year now and its been the most emotional journey ever.. seeing that BFN everu month, its hearbreaking.. This month we did Fertomid 50mg and Ovidrel trigger shot.. I have been feeling very funny, like it keeps feeling like i have an upset stomach (but no loo action, lol sorry for the tmi)...its feels so uncomfortable, i cant explain it. Im feeling soooo tired and very emotional.. I will be testing on the 11th of this month, if my period does not start (i will then be 14dpo).. I am holding thumbs for u that u get ur BFP! Good luck!

Hey Andri, we are on the same cycles. Im 6dpo today and will be testing on the 11th. I did clomid and trigger shot then IUI. I have been cramping today so I hope thats a good sign, hbu? Babydust to you all :-)

Hey kiki Im 8dpo 2day and i have still been having cramps evry day but feels so much like my period is going to start.. I dont know what it is and im so hoping its preggie symtoms.. I have been very gassy, like i dont have 100% control (tmi sorry).. I have also been feeling a little bit dizzy at times..

I have also noticed thick white cm for the past 3 days.. are you also experiencing this?

Hi Andri, so im trying not to freak out but I tested on a walmart cheapie first signal and got a faint line, but digital test says "not pregnant" that was yesterday at 11dpo. I tested this mrn and again same results on walmart cheapie and 99c store (seems like the sqaure tests that require drops) come out with faint positive, Im gonna post a pic on here or try to. But as soon as i tested yesterday i started getting cramps like crazy. I did have the thick cm like you above and no implantation spotting or anything. I really thought i was out. Well these tests r now giving me hope. I do blood test tomorrow. Baby dust to all of us!!

Congratulations kiki! Im sooooo happy for u! I did a cheapie Monday 12dpo..and a negative.. my period was meant so start 2day but nothing yet, but im feeling the period heart is so sore :( i really hoped this was my month..

Thanks Andri. Hey you're not out until af comes, I had the same symptoms as u above, keeping my fingers crossed!

Hey Kiki! AF has still not come...i am 3 days late. Clear watery cm every morning when i wake up and every now and then during the day! What do u think? Should i test again? So scared of that bfn

Hey Andi, yes try with a cheapie and do a blood test with ur dr. my levels were super low in the beginning so same thing could b happening to u. we seem to b mirroring lol. Dr. is putting me on progesterone suppositories bcuz my levels were low. Best of luck to u!!

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