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6 - 7 DPO

I've had cramps off and on the past few days, Today when going to the bathroom to do #2 (TMI SORRY) When i peed after, and looked into the toilet and on the tissue, there was small globs of white, milky, tissue like discharge. No blood, no smell. DH and I have been TTC for almost 6 months, i had an ultra sound done last month that showed lots of eggs and good uterus. I am now, a few hours later cramping on my left side right at my ovary. Has anyone who found out they were pregnant had this type of discharge? Or know what it could be? To add in as well, I am on CD 19 , still 7 days left until my period. My boobs are somewhat tender, but they usually are a week before my period. But this type of discharge i've never seen before. Thanks for any answers you ladies may have!!! :)
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