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Am i pregnant ???

Hey ladies! I have never posted on this site so I want to apologize if I make any mistakes here beforehand. Okay, so I have never really tracked my ovulation as much as some other woman but I am more aware then not. This month I ovulated around the 24th-29th give or take a day or two. (My cycle isn't the most regular) my partner and I did bd during that time. ( after reading a few post i think bd means unprotected sex?) For a few days now I have been experiencing symptoms like sore breasts, back pains (extreme) , fatigue, and I feel like a bottomless pit some days, and the next my appetite is completely gone. I recently got off of the skyla iud, it was placed improperly which caused me to have pregnancy like symptoms. I am not sure if what I am experiencing is maybe side effects of the iud being taken out or if I'll be getting a bfp here soon. I went and bought seven of the cheapo test and plan to start testing Monday nov. 6. Is that too soon?

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Am I Pregnant?


Hoping for a bfp, what did y'all do to make time go faster until testing??

Did you ever get your BFP?

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