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Implantation bleeding or chemical pregnancy?? Help

I have a usual 28 day cycle although it has at times extended to 30 days. On 29th day of cycle, I felt the start of AF but the bleeding lasted less than 2 days (usually always 4 days) and was exceptionally light. I would say it was more like it would normally be on the last day or so (more brown than red with no clots) but I would've classed it as a light period rather than spotting. Last night I got a BFP and again this morning but I can't figure out if it was implantation bleeding and I'm actually pregnant or a chemical pregnancy/MC that is still showing up on the test. Working on the last definite cycle I would be 5w+4. Has anyone had anything similar or got any suggestions? The waiting is killing me!

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If it was a chemical then you would have had full on af bleeding, as it was only light with no clots and not bright red it could have been implantation bleeding. Either way I would definitely mention it to your dr as all bleeding in pregnancy needs to be reported

Thanks for your reassurance. I was thinking the same myself but I'm so full of doubt! I bit the bullet this morning and called my doctor who said she thought it sounded like implantation bleeding so she is going to refer me to the midwife presuming that all is OK. Also mentioned that PT's yesterday were much lighter than initial BFP so was worried but she said not to read too much into that. She said if I was worried that I could privately book a reassurance scan so (knowing that I'll drive myself mad waiting) I've booked one for next week when I'll be 6w 6d so FC there'll be a nice healthy HB

I only took one test with this pregnancy, but with my others I took a few, some were lighter, some where darker. It depends on how concentrated your urine is, how much urine the test picked up ect so I agree with your dr not to read into it, you'll just stress yourself out and that's no good for you or your baby. But if you were having a mc then there would definitely be a lot more blood and cramps, I've had two and they're not pleasant :( a little bit of spotting early on is quite common too so hopefully everything is ok x

My periods are irregular and i had light pink spotting on the 28th and on the 29th of November however on the 30th it stopped and instead of spotting i got watery discharge. Today i have a slight headache and a back ache on the lower right side as well as the discharge.. i havent taken a pregnancy test yet because i dont want it to be early but what do yall think it could be? Could i be pregnant?

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