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First cycle TTC off BC

I stopped taking BC on 10/17/17, but LMP was 10/11 (I was going to stay on BC until Nov, but DH and I decided to start sooner. Took no pills from 10/11-10/14, then took first 3 pills of next pack 10/15-10/17. Went ahead and stopped them since I was still bleeding) Haven't had AF since withdrawal bleed. I was on BC once before about 8 years ago and I don't remember any weirdness when I came off then. This time, I started feeling more energetic right away. Based on cm and some slight cramps, I think I ovulated around 10/25-10/27, but I'm not 100% sure since I just stopped BC. DH and I Bd'd 7 times between 10/20 and 10/30. On 11/1 I had some mild cramping and mildly sore breasts. 11/2 breast pain worse with cramping in upper thighs. I used to cramp like that before I was taking BC, but I never cramped before I was actually bleeding. 11/2 had slightest pink tint to cm when I wiped. Also had a few transient dizzy spells. 11/3, burping like crazy all morning. Breasts still sore. 11/4 - wanted some cheese and crackers, but my DH had eaten all of the cheese. Made a snide remark about it, DH decided to go to the store to get me some more cheese, and I cried for 10 min telling him not to go. Breasts still sore. Decided to POAS - BFN. 11/5 made whipped cream for strawberry shortcake and it tasted like cleaner to me. DH said it tasted normal. Felt like I was sucking on a penny for the next 30 min. This morning 11/6 still BFN. Not sure if this is all just a wacky AF coming on as my first off BC or if I'm pregnant and not far along enough to get a BFP. I wasn't planning on doing OPKs or tracking BBT until after this first cycle. It's been a few years, but I don't remember sore breasts before AF last time I was off of the pill.

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Still no AF 11/7. Not sure if I should be expecting it tomorrow or Friday. yesterday my sweet tea tasted like dish soap, and today I feel like I still have toothpaste in my mouth despite having brushed my teeth 6 hours ago and having eaten plenty since. Still having sore bbs with nipples almost constantly erect and nausea with watery mouth started today. Starting to get cramps that feel like AF. Very mild and passed quickly.

It's now 11/10 with no AF and still BFN. I am now thinking I miscalculated my ovulation time. I'm thinking it may be early next week before AF is due. Going to take a break from testing until I'm off from work again next Wednesday. Not expecting a BFP anymore, just ready for AF to come so I can get to my first true cycle off BCP.

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