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Hi Everyone, So im new to tww as an official member. I have been creeping the site for about a year now or so though so I'm a little familiar with the stories that get posted & its really exciting to read peoples stories and here their outcomes. So i decided to give it a try this time myself because i dont know but something seems different. SO.... to get into it. I'm 28 and i have a DD who is 12 years old. I've been trying for another baby since she was 6 with no luck. No scares no maybe. I always wonder but this time has me thinking ive definitely been mistaking symptoms of PMS for pregnancy. So usually what i get is i feel really sick to the point i even throw up sometimes. I get sore tender breast and those weird feelings in my tummy. But usually what happens is my tummy will bloat get this hot inner feeling like i was drinking hot tea all day and within a few hours or so i would get my period. My period runs like clock work for the most part. 28 day cycle rarely changes. only time it had was when i took birth control and when i was taking fertility pills to see if it would help. & for me it didnt help. but it was explained to me that if i didnt actually have a problem it wouldnt do much more than regular my period which the change was from 28 day to a 30 day cycle but once i stopped it went back to normal 28 day cycles. So why im in question now is. I am now on day 30 of my cycle with no period. another thing i usually do is baby dance the day my period is suppose to come and that usual triggers it. But i baby dances today and nothing. no tender breast a few of those weird poking or pulling sensations but not by my ovaries which is where i usually feel it. today it was more in my rib cage kinda and in my sides and around my belly button and they were very random like if i was sitting in a weird position. I checked my cervix and it feels closed like it has no intentions of opening to allow a period to come out lol sorry if that TMI...and i dont really feel bloated like a little but its not the feeling i get when im on my period. like period bloat feels like ive been filling up on hot tea all day. I really dont know i hate getting my hopes up cause im usually wrong but ive been waiting for 2 days now and still nothing not even a spotting sign. and all the other times i thought maybe i was i had so many symptoms aches pains soreness tenderness the works. and now i have nothing waiting for aunt flow lol. So what do you guys think. like its been so long and i was so young my first time i didnt even know i was pregnant so now i dont even know what to look out for really. also like ive been wondering what do you guys think the discharge for someone who just conceived should feel like? or look like? if anyone knows i would love to know cause i unno i cant tell whats going on with me anymore im just confused at this point.

Am I Pregnant?


Hi, at this point in your cycle, I'm assuming you have missed AF. So its safe to test. :) FX you are pregnant

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