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14DPO BFN, so confused..

Period started on the 1st of dec lasted four days, went in for a ultrasound few days after then started Clomid 100mg days 5-9, following that another ultrasound I had two mature follicles this time 21mm and 24mm, following day early morning I triggered and 36 hours later my second IUI. Everything was great.. timing felt on point.

1-3DPO cramps, discomfort not sure if it’s from the procedure. Bloated can barely move, some discharge but I think from the procedure.

4DPO still mild cramps, sharp pain comes and goes, both in my ovary area and vagina

5DPO less crampy, bloated extremely sleepy, frequent urine but that’s normal for me.

6DPO less crampy, still discomfort, bad headache 4 hrs and counting, still sleepy, still peeing a lot, bloated, nauseous, lower left back pain.

7DPO light discomfort below abdominal, lower back left side sore, gassy, frequent urine and sleepy.

10DPO no cramps just gassy, sensitive nipples

11DPO woke up little crampy and slight headache, later on during the evening on and off cramping and another headache, tender breast

12 DPO very vivid dreams that I was pregnant! Tender breast.. Little achy and crampy on and off and woke up with a tiny headache.. wore a bra today, when I took it off I felt immediate pain and soreness, they also felt extremely heavy. Still cramping off and on. Period not due for another 3-4 days. It’s the 25th and due the 28-29th..

13 DPO very achy like cramps or pelvic stretching. Vivid dreams. Breast still tender. Cramps still on and off during the evening..lower back aching.

14DPO little crampy not like the previous days, headache and BFN this morning... very sleepy.. just hoping my hcg levels are low and the implantation was late and get BFP soon.. did I mention that I am extremely tired today.. omg it’s so hard to keep my eyes open. Slept multiple times today. It’s 8:30 PM and I have little symptoms.. breast are still a bit sore.

AF is due on Friday which will be 16DPO (CD29) hoping for a miracle...I was so sure.

Am I Pregnant?


just wait for a week. its too early to test now..Even if there is a foetus in , it wouldnt show up in the tests... I am on clomid cd35(dpo20) was told by my GYN to test one week after my missed period. so i am waiting to test. will probably test on dec31...

Definitely hoping AF doesn’t show up tomorrow! Good luck to you!!! Lmk if u get a positive!

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