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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP today!! 13DPO

Hi Everyone, Well i've spent the past few months trawling through the many blogs and posts on these websites, constantly symptom spotting and just feeling incredibly down and out every time AF reared her ugly head. However, this morning i got my first BFP and thought i would share my story on here as so many others have kindly done so and kept my sanity!! My husband and I have been 'not preventing' since August but i would say officially TTC since October when i started using OPKs. I have also been using the Ovia fertility app to track my cycle and symptoms. Surprisingly, i would say this month was the one with the least amount of symptoms however, this could have also been due to it being over the Xmas and New Year period so my mind was busy and occupied rather than looking for every single little thing! The symptoms i had were as follows; 1 DPO: OPK turned negative. 2 DPO: None to report 3DPO: Felt constipated today and suddenly had a flare up of acne on my chin. 4DPO: Still constipated - not completely unusual at this point in my cycle though. Acne still visible (those painful under the skin types!) and tender breasts - now this was unusual this early within the TWW. My bbs have always started to feel sore about 7DPO previously but this time they were killing me and seemed massive! 5DPO: Same as 4DPO 6DPO: Tender breasts still 7DPO: same as 6DPO 8DPO: Still just sore bbs 9DPO: Still sore boobs - took HPT = BFN 10DPO: I am starving today! Seriously cannot stop eating. Bbs still hurting! 11DPO: Sore bbs (think i'm getting used to it now!) Lower back started throbbing when i got into bed. Had a bit of a runny nose today and also seemed to have a bit of a 'chapped' bit under my nose too? 12DPO: Dull lower back ache on and off today. Sore bbs. *TMI ALERT* - quite a bit of diarrhea throughout the day. Pinching and pulling sensation in uterus area. skeptical of this though because i am due on in 2 days but it just feels a little different. Had a very short 'dizzy' spell while sat watching TV. 13 DPO: Tested this morning. First with a cheapie One Step HPT - saw a very faint line which i was convincing myself was all in my head. After looking at the test in every different light within the house, decided to bite the bullet and do a CB test - BFP!!! So the only thing that was really 'odd' for me was when my bbs started hurting. Apart from that, i have definitely had smilar symptoms to all the rest within the TWW before! I am so so hopeful that this little bean sticks and everything goes ok! but absolutely over the moon to have had a BFP!! Keep the faith! It will happen! *baby dust to everyone!* xxxxx
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I am so happy for you, I am about 12DPO today and I had BFN until yesterday. I am too scared to test today, so I will try tomorrow if no AF. This post gives me some hope!

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I have this feeling when I am going through your posts. I am so glad for you ladies. I am also trying to conceive. But I can say that my story is a bit complicated. TTC for over 7 years before my first miracle came along. Dealing with pcos alongside unexplained fertility is something not that easy. So when u see the BFP it feels like and encouragement. That is why I felt good joining this group. Believing that things will work for me. I am also in the two weeks wait believing taht things will go right. I have not even tested yet. But I am dpo. I feel like when I test it will be a discouragement. Since my history with infertility is not rosy. But Bio rex clinic did help me a lot. And I believe after the wait it will be worth it. So that I can also share my experience with you all.

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