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Terrible evap or do you see vv faint pink, too?

Hello to all the lovely ladies at TTC,

So 6-8 dpo, yesterday took ic thought I saw vv faint line (only I can see it?!?), but well out if time limit. This morning woke up around 5:30, took another ic and 2nd line didn't show in timeline. Went back to sleep, woke up 1.5hr later and saw 2nd pink line??? Took a different ic with 2.5hr hold, nothing???  What do you think? Don't want to get my hopes up too early. Thank you in advance.


Hey there! I can see the faint line in that middle strip, but I would be wary of it if it showed up outside the test window. But it's early yet! Keep testing, I hope it gets darker. :) Good luck!

Thank you for your honest opinion Spazzle!

At this point I would assume it's an evap, but it could still turn into a bfp. Good luck.

Definitely evap. Frer stark white this morning. Thanks for your response.