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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

FET IVF SUCESS 5 Day Blast!!

What a journey. First of all, no one symptom set me off. I have had my hopes up in the last 2 years only to be let down when AF arrived. I am beyond grateful, and so hopeful for a successful 9 months of pregnancy. This was our first round of IFV. We did a FET because I overstimulated during our egg retrieval. Out of 37 retrieved,28 fertilized, and 17 made it to day 5/6. We transferred one 5 day embryo grade 4AAA. I prayed, and wished, and hoped, and now I can’t beleive it happened. On to symptoms- 2-3dp5dt- lots of pulling and light/medium cramps. The pulling started on the left side and proceeded to move to the middle and right side. My stomach felt really tight like if I sneezed it felt like I pulled a muscle. SO MANY DIZZY SPELLS. This may have been my #1 symptom. I would be driving and then come to a stop sighn and then BAM it would hit me. I had to hold on to my counter on day 6pt for fear of falling over. Sore throat and stuffy nose. Crazy dreams. 3-10dp5dt: Same as above but add in some light nausea. It feels more like being car sick to me than stomach bug sick. Like when your reading in the back seat of a car. Also my nipples got bigger and darker on 7dpt. On 8dpt my nipples got very sensitive and I actually flinched taking off my bra. More hungry than usual for sure. I wasn’t going to test until BETA but the morning of BETA husband convinced me to take a pregnancy test so we could find out together. I always second guessed myself. I just figured some of these were from progesterone and estrogen( and they may have been.) The one thing that gave me hope was the 5 days leading up to transfer when I was on all of my medications I had no unusual symptoms. No cramps or sore breast or nausea. So when I started to feel these things it gave me a little hope. I prayed so often and so hard. I am So so so grateful for this outcome.


Hi guys! I worked with Ukrainian agency Babyboom clinic. They offer IVF with egg donation and Surrogacy programs without age limitations. Thanks to them, I am 4 months pregnant.   Good luck to everyone!

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Congratulation dear. But there are things that you need to note. I had bfps from 1 dpo to 7 dpo. Then they got extremely faint, but still slightly visible. After 10 dpo they started getting dark again, and 12 dpo. I realized it could be a true bfp. So all trigger ladies Don't test till past 10/11 dpo and get excited. Susten causes temp rise artificially, so does pregnancy. So only temp if no progesterone is being used. No symptoms are true symptoms till after implantation, which is post 9 dpo. If a test is positive, it will literally show up in 30 seconds, even 3 minutes is very long to wait. I have fooled myself countless times by reading test after stated time, opening them up and seeing in different light etc. It's not worth the disappointment. I can say that I got much help from Bio tex clinic. Best of luck ladies!!!!

Very happy to read your story which ends happily. You must have been so happy to discuss your results with your doctors. Nowadays especially if you choose a nice clinic, FET is very efficient like the fresh egg in IVF. A clinic like Biotexcom will efficiently carry out this procedure at an affordable cost. The frozen embryo transfers involve the use of a thawed embryo that was preserved in a very cold low temperature during the previous IVF. I would like to know whether you were successful after which blast was transferred. The positive outcome you got must be you really prepared yourself very well healthwise. This means you had enough exercises. Well, balanced died. Great gynecologist evaluations that is why you had a success among other things. As always when you register as an IVF patient at Biotexcom, they keep checking your health status and the best time for transfer since they provide free accommodation for patients during all this time until the transfer is done. This gives you time to relax your mind too and focus on the most important process. Congratulation dear.

I don't know how I am going to say this testimony or even start. My name is Emelia Yales from USA. Last week, i was online looking for ways to get pregnant naturally and i stormed over a testimony written by Jennifer online about this great spell caster who was able to bring her ex husband back to her and I said to myself, "was this the right spell caster to contact if i want to get pregnant"? All the same I contacted him. I have not said his name because I am very happy to be one of his clients that has been helped by him and that means I am confirmed 3 days pregnant with fertilized eggs in my womb. The doctors confirmed me pregnant this morning and that is why i come online to write about this. Contact Doctor Odunga today at for he is the best caster and his time duration is accurate.

Your story made me so emotional. I have been depressed for a long time because of my infertility. After my first son, back when I was 28, I got so many complications. My husband and I were grateful for our son though. As a few years went by, I wanted to conceive again for baby number two. Sadly, my doctor told me it would be very harmful to my health. My husband wanted another baby really bad. It made me so upset as I wasn't able to give him another child. He's really kind and caring so he found a clinic in Ukraine for me named Biotexcom. Biotexcom is also going to have an event organized in London on 17-18 August. It is among the best fertility clinics in Ukraine. They have amazing packages too. You should definitely try and attend their event if you are seeking infertility treatments. Their success rate is quite high and it might be just what you're looking for. I hope if women that are reading this find an easy and smooth journey. Please make sure to find the right doctor and right clinic like I did.

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