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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

My First Baby !!

1 DPO - Nothing
2 DPO - Nothing
3 DPO - Woke up to a large pimple on my cheek (very strange for me at this time of my cycle)
4 DPO - Woke up to FIVE new pimples on my cheek and chin! I couldn’t believe it. They were huge and disgusting and super painful.
5 DPO - Cramping and pinching sensations near my uterus all day long, feeling a bit crappy at work, super tired and went to bed early. Acne is still bad. I get pimples on my shoulder in the afternoon WTF.
6 DPO - Nothing.
7 DPO - Cramping and pinching all day, acne starts to heal slightly, I felt so dizzy this day that I pulled over whilst driving
8 DPO- Dizzy again. I feel so confident that I was pregnant after all the acne that I took a test and get a stark white BFN. Very disappointed.
9DPO - Dizzy and Cramping. I have given up on the idea of being pregnant today. I’ve convinced myself that this isn’t my month.
10DPO - Cramping, Dizzy, acne is coming back again!
11DPO- Terrible Cramping all evening, I cried for two hours and told my partner “I am sick of everyone and everything” I was convinced AF was just around the corner due to all the cramping and crying. I was an emotional wreck all evening
12 DPO - I am in an AWESOME mood today, dancing around, laughing, feeling energised but I can’t stop thinking about when AF will be here and our next month ttc. I decided to do a pregnancy test so that the negative result will make me stop thinking about ttc and when I looked at it after walking away for a couple of minutes, I was so shocked- it was a BFP!!!! I tested four more times that day, all BFP and since then I’ve done about 12 more tests and had it confirmed by the doctor! OMG I’m going to be a mummy! FINALLY! I’m so terrified and excited all at the same time.

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I forgot to mention above I had crazy dreams almost every night for the whole tww...

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