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Very late.. negative tests

Hello everyone! My last cycle was December 19. Since then I have been TTC. My cycles normally vary from 3-6 weeks apart. Right now tomorrow will be 7 weeks since last cycle, so it’s never been this late before. Weeks ago I started getting headaches, and flu like symptoms for a few days ( fatigue, neck, shoulder, and back pain ). As that faded off I started getting tingly breats ( faded away now) but now aerolas are darker and puffy. Next I got a very heightened sense of smell, very emotional, and extreme bloating ( still have all of those ). I’ve never been gassy before but now I am like no other, as well as constipated. I’ve also had milky white and occasional “wet” cm for 3 weeks. I’ve been testing for weeks and all negative. And past 3 days I started getting cramps in my uterus.
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Am I Pregnant?


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At first the symptoms seemed like you are pregnant. But when you tested it all discouraged me. I feel like you are no longer pregnant. But what amazes me is why you are taking taht long for af to come through. Increased sensitivity to odors beginning in early pregnancy. Change in sensitivity to aromas can lead to food cravings when you smell something enticing. It can also lead to food aversion, as the aroma of certain foods may be off-putting during pregnancy. Medical care is important throughout pregnancy, so schedule an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you might be pregnant. I would have suggested Bio tex clinic but you have the right to go to the clinic that has been attending to you before. All the best dear.

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