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25 Days Late

Currently, I am 25 days late. I know I took a test on the day of my missed period, but it came out negative. Now, Im getting close to a month late & I don’t know if i should buy another test & waste more money, go to the doctor & pay a hefty co-pay, or just wait it out. So far my symptoms are as follows; nausea daily, cramps, irritability, EXTREME emotional roller coasters (almost always crying for no reason), diarrhea. However, my breasts have not been getting any bigger nor are they swollen. I am bloated, & i’m assuming my thighs are getting bigger because my jeans are getting slightly tighter. Hopefully i can find an answer soon
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Am I Pregnant?


Hey there sweetie! I wish you all the best. I hope you are pregnant if that's what you are opting for. I really do hope it is a positive this time. I surely think 25 days late is a positive. However, I would suggest visiting a doctor. Find a good clinic and go to a doctor. I am certain that your reports are normal. I am in the middle of the surrogacy process these days. I am registered at a clinic in Ukraine named Biotexcom. I am so excited for my journey to begin as well. By the way, if there are any infertile women in this group. Please check out Biotex clinic. They have an event coming up in August on 17-18. I wish you all the best. Please pray that my process goes smoothly as well. I am really nervous too.

Good to hear that you are planning for surrogacy. my friend, I am also infertile. I had my child form surrogacy. I would suggest you surrogacy. there are many clinics in Ukraine you can go and see them. And I have heard that there is an event going to be held in London. This event is to raise awareness about surrogacy. you should go there. Surrogacy is a very simple treatment. You have to keep it in mind. Don’t let anyone change your mind. Attend this event. If you have any doubt. They will vanish for sure.

Hello sweetheart! I am feeling really bad for you. but I just want to say that, please don't be sad.dont lose hope. there is an option for you called surrogacy. Couples who desire to carry on their family’s genetics and maintain a biological connection with their children can successfully do so through surrogacy.but you have to choose the best clinic for you.last year I was in this situation,so I know how it feels, when you are in this situation.but m fine now.just by getting my surrogacy from a clinic in Europe. I must suggest you contact them.they will help you. my prayers are with you.

hi, guys really want to share some information with you.

Hi there. I feel really sorry for you. I hope that you are not much angry from inside. What we have to do in this world is to try again. The luck factor comes afterward. But the problem is we don’t take the big step. This is highly amusing. This should not happen. So I wanted to give an announcement. Everyone should listen to this. I have just seen from the website that the team coming to London, it’s venue and arrival date has been changed. Biotexcom was sending the team. The team was going to be headed by Anastasia. The clinic is saying that they will announce their new date soon. Till then everyone has to wait. Best wishes to everyone.

Dealing with an irregular period can make timing conception extra tricky. As my doctor at Bio tex explained, women with irregular periods may wait 36 days after the first day of their last period. If you would rather gauge the timing by your potential conception. Then follow advice from your doctor and wait at least three weeks after your suspected implantation to test. Overall, the longer you wait, the greater your chances of getting an accurate positive result. some tests can even be taken before your missed period, although waiting a few days may produce more accurate results. In general, if your early tests come back negative, then you can try again in a week to see if those crucial hCG levels have reached testable levels. I see it time and time again, women in the two week wait with high expectations. The thing about expectations, they are deeply filled with emotions and when they aren’t met, the floodgates open. This creates a situation in which stress hormones are at a higher level, which is a signal to your body to prevent conception from happening. It is like a siren going off.

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