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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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So many negative tests but KNOW I’m pregnant!

Hi ladies! So here’s my situation... my period was due today but didn’t come... the past week I’ve been nauseous, my boobs have been sore, I’ve had vivid dreams, I’ve been needing to pee more, etc etc! I’m so sure I’m pregnant, the nausea in particular I can’t just imagine! But every test has been a BFN!! It’s so frustrating! Will keep testing until I get a positive I guess! Much love to all in the same situation! X
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Am I Pregnant?


hi, hope you are going's not just your hope it's your is very easy but due to little difficulties, we think its just a huge problem. but always try to think positive.may be you are should go for a medical check-up. but be avoid the clinics as adonize. they don't know the value of this dream.they just deal their profession just like a business so don't go's my sincere suggestion that you should wait for some time .it will be good for you.i know about this magical feeling. but you should wait for clearance.hope you will have a good news soon. God bless you, my dear.

I am sorry to say this but i don't think if you are pregnant. You are just anxious that the results turn out positive. Anticipating bad news and trying to find the positive in itpreparing ahead of time for failure, in other words may not help to ease the anxiety during the waiting period, but can be helpful once the result comes, since it gives people a sense of control over their future. Still, to make that period less painful, she’s currently studying the effects of mindfulness meditation to help those who can’t stop obsessing over the outcome while they wait. The technique, she says, is perfectly designed for managing such waits, since it focuses on helping people to accept their negative emotions but not be driven by them. So while waiting will never be easy, some things in your control, at least, may make it more bearable. My doctor at Bio tex would recommend me to get something to occupy my mind till the time of testing comes by. The rest of us are nearly paralyzed by the uncertainty, riding waves of hope and despair as we ruminate over every possible outcome.

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