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This is my first time TTC. I never usually experience any PMS-type symptoms, other than a small twinge on the right side of my abdomen to indicate that my period is coming in the next one or two days. I haven't been on the Pill for several years. I've only just started to use a period-tracking app, so I really can't be clear of the date of ovulation, but my best guess would be around August 2-4. Since then, I've experienced a sense of bloating in my stomach over several days, two very vivid dreams, hot flushes, strange sleeping patterns, a brown discharge over a few days earlier this week, an afternoon of leg cramping, another afternoon of arm cramps, aching teeth one morning, a dry mouth, nausea (feeling like I might very well be sick) over two mornings, and more frequent urination. Today I'm feeling a little nauseous and have a watery kind of discharge. No breast soreness or mood swings (which I never usually experience in my regular cycle) at all. No luck getting any early BFPs, but that could be because I can't get any special ones for early response or digital ones. Period due in about two days I think (my app keeps changing predictions when I log symptoms). What do you think? Am I reading too much into this? These are definitely very unusual symptoms for my body though, but is Mother Nature just playing tricks on me?
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Very faint line has now come up on a pregnancy test. Will test again over the next couple of days. Not sure quite sure why all of the entries in this forum have an overwhelmingly number of negative votes on the posts.

Hey hun, I hope you’re pregnant :) Im replying to you because I too got really upset when everyone voted me as ‘no’ to being pregnant, I thought it was extremely rude to ‘vote’ on another woman’s reproductive system who they have never met. I would never vote on such a thing, considering how sensitive an issue it is to most women. Anyway, fingers crossed for you xx Ps in my case, I was pregnant but lost the baby. Trying again this month xx

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