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UTI symptoms + others, no UTI

I have had UTI symptoms (constant urge to pee, discomfort while peeing) for about two weeks now. I went to the clinic two days ago where my urine was tested for UTI. Results were negative, but the doctor gave me an antibiotic anyway. Today, I am experiencing cramps, backache, bloating, mild nausea, and very light pink spotting. I have also peed at least once an hour today since I woke (so, still having what I believed to be the UTI-related urge to pee, but I am actually peeing quite frequently). Yesterday, I experienced intermittent nausea and breast pain. I am concerned that I may have conceived. I am not TTC, so I do not actively look for pregnancy symptoms, but the symptoms I am experiencing today are concerning because I am not due for a period for another 12-15 days. Thinking back, my last period was atypical in that the menstrual fluid was dark brown rather than the usual red. I have also been especially emotional and weepy this week, have passed out as soon as I've laid down for the past three days (this is unusual for me), and (sorry if TMI) my privates have been more sensitive to touch than usual. My boyfriend and I use the pull-out method. I am aware that it is not foolproof, but it has worked for quite some time. I believe I've experienced ovarian cysts in the past (never been diagnosed, but had symptoms that matched others' anecdotes), could that be causing these symptoms? Opinions?

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The two week wait isn’t fun for anyone. But it’d be a shame to spend two weeks out of every month feeling anxious, spacey, or depressed. Sometimes the pinches, twinges and cramps in your pelvic area are just pinches, twinges and cramps. While it might be difficult, thinking that every discomfort is a sign that your procedure didn't take is not healthy for your mind or body. I can't tell you how many times I have Googled "implantation cramping," only to find that my cramps could be either implantation or the precursor to my period. In the end, it wasn't worth the extra stress and time online. Instead, I found that redirecting my thoughts to my work, or even scouring Pinterest, was a better use of my time than overanalyzing my symptoms. This advice applies to any pregnancy symptoms you convince yourself that you have during the two-week wait. I've Googled it all—bad taste in my mouth, nausea, fatigue. Honestly, pregnancy symptoms don't usually present themselves until a few weeks past the completion of the two-week wait. Your symptoms are caused by hormones and could be pregnancy or PMS. My doctor at Bio tex recommended me to never obsess about it. I think you should adopt that too.

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