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Hey ladies... I was wondering if you all could give me some insight on my symptoms for this cycle and tell me what ya think. Early pregnancy symptoms, or PMS? PS I was told I had PCOS 2 years ago and am more of an "if it happens, it happens," kind of thinker but keep a log of symptoms just in case.. and i'm sorry in advance for the TMI you may read on this post. -Started my last period 7/28/18 and ended on 8/4/18, supposedly ovulated on 8/9 although I can never tell. --Bf & I had sex (using no contraceptive method at all) 8/7,8/8, 8/9(OD), 8/11, 8/13 and 8/15. (8/13) 4dpo, I logged: back pain and headache (8/15) 6dpo, I logged: mood swings, back pain, headache, cramps and watery/ewcm. (8/16-8-18) 7dpo, 8dpo and 9dpo: Moved my sister to college (got light headed and had to pull over twice on the way in fear i was going to throw up) and was supposed to "drink with her for her birthday." Ended up sleeping LITERALLY the whole weekend away and had severe nausea, could not breathe because i was so stopped up, back pain, gassiness started and more headaches. -THIS CURRENT WEEK HAS BEEN INSANE... (8/20) 11dpo: No discharge, NO sex drive, cramps, tender breasts, headache, back pain, nausea, frequent urination and HARDCORE fatigue. I usually cannot fall asleep while it's light outside and I managed to nap for 3 hours after work. Dreamt (unusual) Woke up in the middle of the night to pee which is also not normal. (8/21) 12dpo: Mood swings, depressed/emotional (not normal), same symptoms and nap as the day before but with watery/ewcm and bloating. (8/22) 13dpo: Normal happy mood in the morning, same symptoms as listed above, BUT I noticed a thick, light yellow mucus discharge mixed in with my ewcm, everything on my body is achy, by the end of the day my mood was so bad i had to leave the house. I could not fall asleep, woke up to pee in the middle of the night strong sscented urine, light period like cramping, HEARTBURN. (8/23) 14dpo: Noticed more prominent veins in my legs and my boobs in the shower this morning while shaving, fell asleep TWICE at my desk today, everything is a blur. Checked my cervix and noticed thicker milky white cm I have not have period like cramps in a couple of days but when I checked my cervix they magically appeared, i'm hungrier and thirstier than ever, bloated, heartburn will kill me I feel it (lol), pressure headache AND I CANNOT GET WARM. Cold/hot/cold/hot all day long. Consistent lower back pain and body aches. I am supposed to be starting my period either tomorrow or Saturday but was just curious to see what your opinions were. PREGNANT? PERIOD? Let me know if you have had similar symptoms, and if you ended up being pregnant or blessed by aunt flo! SORRY FOR THE LONG READ AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! <3

Am I Pregnant?


Well. Turns out I am indeed pregnant. Much luck to you ladies!!!!

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